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Percy Harvin: Value in 2013? (1 Viewer)


So, we all know Percy Harvin had surgery, but as of yet, he has not been put on IR. There's a chance he could be put on the early IR and be eligible to play by week 8 or 9. FBG projections don't have him contributing until week 12, but my thinking is he could be a great last round grab that may be back for your fantasy playoffs.

Anyone thinking the same? Or has anyone heard any news that leads to a different opinion?

They have him after week 12 b/c that is what is coming out of Seahawks camp. They don't have a firm time line but that is their bye so either b/c he won't be ready or the Hawks want to protect their investment, I doubt he is back by 8 or 9.

Personally, I'm not wasting a bench position on a guy who won't see the field for 12 weeks. I'll draft my home run picks, play the WW and if I still need help, I'll look into Harvin around week 8 ish. Assuming the Seahawks are in playoff contention, they'll want to ease him back in but he'll still have plenty of rust so I doubt I run him out there week 13. With questions about how big his role was going to be to begin with, I don't see him as a fantasy lottery ticket.

How often do guys miss huge chunks of time and then come back and light the world on fire? People seem to think that guys go from out for months to playing every snap overnight. I guess in deep, deep leagues you could stash him for almost the entire fantasy season, but in leagues where roster spots are limited I can't see holding onto someone that long.

Well, I happen to be in one of those deep, deep leagues, so I'm gonna hold onto him. My league has a couple IR spots, so hopefully he'll be eligible to go on there.


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