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Pick 1 WR (1 Viewer)


0.5 PPR League with 10 teams.  Start 3 WRs:

I'm going with Hilton and Cooks as 2 of the WRs. 

But need to decide between Mike Evans, Dede Westbrook, K. Golliday, or Josh Gordon.

Normally I start Evans over the rest of the field.  But Golliday is rated higher this week and Evans has been a little disappointing lately.  Evans is also facing a tough Baltimore passing Def. this week.  Gordon and Westbrook are solid choices too.  Golliday got taken out last week by Patrick Peterson and faces Tre' davious White and the Bills this week

Would you start any of those over Evans in this playoff semi-final week?

Evans hasn't been bad compared to the other guys mentioned.  He has been fine just not the stud he is supposed to be.  I would go with either Evans or Gordon.


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