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Pick 2 out of 3 Keepers (Brown, Kelce, Goodwin) (1 Viewer)


12 Team PPR Keeper League. Everyone has two keepers, so draft will already be starting 24 people short. I have the 11th overall pick in a snake draft.


Need to pick 2 out of 3 keepers.

1) Antonio Brown (1st round) - value as it will be the 11th pick overall with all the keepers already taken. However he sustained two minor injuries already, rise in juju smith shuster, and decline in big ben play. Also is facing the irrational potential madden curse.

2) Travis Kelce (5th round) - good value here at the 5th round. Weekly consistency at the position. However big ? With Mahomes now.

3) Marquise Goodwin (11th round) I'm really liking this pick. He was on fire in the fantasy playoffs for me last year and finished the year off strong. Great chemistry with Garoppolo.

Which two out of three would you pick? 



Mock your first round. Who do you end up picking if you throw Brown back?

FFC has 3.11 as Amari Cooper. I'd rather have Brown than Cooper and Goodwin.



It seems like the talent drops towards the end of the first round or at 2.02 which would be my first pick in Keeping Brown. 

at 2.02, McCcaffery and Freeman in RBs If i am lucky  Fournette and Hunt probably go right before my pick. then RB talent drops to Mixon, Ingram, Miller.

WR is deeper. you have Green, Evans, Theilein, Fitz, Hilton, Diggs, Cooper, Thomas.

Maybe I need to trade my 2nd overall pick and another pick to try and move up in the first round to solidify a strong RB1 if i keep Brown


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