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Pick my 3rd WR - Playoff Game (1 Viewer)


12 team league, 1 ppr, standard scoring.

Lost both Dell and Kirk a few weeks ago, ouch. Starting Jefferson and DJ Moore, need 1 of these WR's starting in my 3rd spot

DemarioDouglas NE vs KC - Douglas returning from concussion protocol. probably NE #1 WR, but the NE offens/QB situation just plain sucks, boom or bust play in my opinion

Demarcus Robinson LAR vs Washington - Stafford has been on fire, Robinson scored TD's the last 2 games, plus Tutu Atwell has been ruled out, could be a good sleeper play.

Parker Washington Jax vs Balt - Filling in for Kirk, scored twice in his last 2 games, but Baltimore Defense has been tough

Khalil Shakir Buff vs Dallas - Good player, not enough targets
Probably get better results if you had posted in the "who should I start" thread, or the Asst. Coach forum. Starting a who should I start thread is frowned upon here.

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