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I am thinking about picking up Lawyer Milloy and dropping Sean Jones. Does this seem like a good idea? My other defensive backs are Michael Boulware and Thomas Davis. Does this seem like a good swap? I get 2 points per tackles, 1 for assist.Also, I am thinking about picking up Karlos Dansby and dropping Brandon Lloyd (WR) is this a bad move? My linebackers are Derrick Brooks, Kailee Wong, and Nick Barnett. Do you think it is wise to drop Llyod, or should I drop one of my LB instead. Thanks Alot

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drop Wong...add Dansby ASAP
Don't be too quick to drop Wong. He had a solid week 2 and looks to be settling into the ILB position still. I'm not confident Dansby can keep up his current pace. Dropping Wong and picking up Dansby is a classic knee jerk reaction.

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