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Player Spotlight: Robby Anderson (1 Viewer)

Dave Larkin

Robby Anderson turned into one of the premier deep threats in the NFL last season, finishing 12th in Air Yards (1,487) and sixth in yards accrued on 20-plus-yard targets (408), although his fortunes took a downturn after Josh McCown - who had been the QB8 in scoring between Weeks 1 and 13 - got injured. Baked into Anderson's ADP this year is a series of off-field problems, notably a reckless driving charge (he pleaded no contest) and a confrontation with a police officer, but is the talented but troubled receiver worth a shot? 

The Jets are devoid of dynamic options in the passing game, and no player on their wide receiver depth chart offers the skill set he does. In short, Anderson has the potential to be everything the Jets hoped former second round pick Devin Smith would become - but can Anderson push on in 2018 and put together a 1,000+-yard campaign? 

Does the quarterback situation, with McCown entering his age-39 season, concern you?

Is this offense one we can truly put our faith in? 

From a dynasty perspective he’s a strong buy.  Pairing him up with darnold for years to come could be golden.   

For this year he’s also a strong buy.  McCown can still sling it.  I don’t know if Anderson will get suspended or not though.  

Just watch his tape from last year.  He’s a very good player.  

That Parsons 7 Questions for the AFC East article only shows Anderson with 3 TDS. That should be fixed.

Anderson is definitely undervalued this year. He finished with 63 catches for 941 yards and 7 tds, good for a top 20 WR finish.  This with a terrible Petty finishing up the season at QB.

His ADP is around early 40s with a bunch of guys that haven't done squat yet in this league (Kirk, Sutton, Mike Williams, etc).

Anderson is only entering his third season and is learning his craft. The Jets coaching staff seems to like him. He could easily finish with 1,000 yards and 6-8 tds. He's relentless when the ball is in flight. That's what makes him a great deep threat. He's learning to run other routes.

That said, he doesn't come without risk. First and foremost, he's an immature knucklehead.  Enunwa will come back and take away some of his targets although they are 2 completely different kinds of WRs. On further though, Enunwa probably takes some of Kearse's targets.  You also have Pryor joining the team (not sure what his health status will be), plus a couple of second-year WRs that looked promising in camp although they are really slot WRs. You also have the risk at QB, but if Darnold takes over, but he's got a bit of a gunslinger mentality. It probably wont' affect Anderson too much.

He can be drafted with an ADP of a WR4 that plays like WR3 with the upside of being a WR2 again. I like drafting players with upside.

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Robby Anderson is certainly a knucklehead but it looks like he got lucky legally with these last two transgressions and will be cleared of all but misdemeanors. This of course does not mean a suspension from the league isn't forthcoming or that going forward he'll be a good citizen.

He's a playmaker with very good deep speed and plays much stronger fighting for the ball than his appearance belies (he is a bean-pole physically). He had a great rapport with McCown last year and was the only WR hat made Bryce Petty even look close to being a competent QB. He should be the Jets No. 1 WR in 2018 (although he's best suited as a No. 2) and should clear 1,000 yards with no suspension and health.


The issue Anderson is simply the unpredictability of the QB situation.  He turned into a great asset with McCown at QB.  But no one thought much of him heading into last year (CBS Sports didn’t even have a sticker for him with their draft board) so whatever you got with him was gravy.

While I like him as a talent, Darnold will be in sooner than later and I don’t think Anderson’s skill set is a good match for a young QB to take consistent advantage of.


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