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Playoff Bound teams, post your teams for analysis (1 Viewer)

The good ...6 - 3 , most points in the league, 6 wins in a row

The bad .... two games out of first in my conference, 2 of 3 losses were with 2nd highest points in the league.

QB Bulger, Harrington

RB Shaun Alexander, Curtis Martin, L. Jordan, M. Morris

WRJavon Walker, Darrell Jackson, D. Mason, K. McCardell, J. Porter

TEAntonio Gates, Bubba Franks

KJeff Wilkins


Draft Value - based keeper league


6-3. Our weekly scoring average is 82 points and two of my losses occurred when I scored over 100 points (103 and 103.5) and I am averaging 98.8 points. Scheduling got me, I gotta fire the AD.qb - favre (backup = warner)rb - holmes, pittman (backups =blaylock, LJ, staley)wr - mason, rod smith, bruce (backups = colbert, a bryant, m robinson)k - wilkins (backup = edinger)dl - rod coleman, kevin williams (backup = howard)lb - bulluck, fletcher (backups = al wilson, fujita)db - archuleta, gibril wilson (backups = ed reed, sammy knight)The team was really loaded before but I lost Strahan, Steve Smith and Charlie Garner to injury and had to deal off talent to replace those guys due to limitted waiver ability. Had to deal Dan Morgan, Adrian Wilson, Akinola Ayodele, and Tyler Brayton to cover my losses.

I have 2:12 team re-draft:QB Favre, DelhommeRB Alexander, T. Jones, A. Thomas, Staley, HenryWR C. Johnson, Colbert, M. Robinson, Boldin. PriceTE CrumplerK AkersD/T Miamidon't ask how I'm 7-2...but oh wellMy other team 10 team re-draft....I killed on draft day and a couple of trades:QB Manning, BrooksRB James, J, Lewis, C. Brown, Staley (I had Tiki until I traded him Week 2....duh!)WR Harrison, A. Johnson, Ward, Clayton, LloydTE GatesK VinateriD/T BaltimoreOnly 6-3....went against unreal points a few weeks and I hurt the week the Colts were off.

In my big money 12 team league, I am 7-2: STARTERSCarr, David QB HOU Davis, Domanick RB HOU Smith, Onterrio RB MIN Johnson, Andre WR HOUMason, Derrick WR TEN Wayne, Reggie WR IND Witten, Jason TE DAL Rackers, Neil K ARIFalcons, DST DST ATL BENCH Favre, Brett QB GB MIN Dillon, Corey RB NE BUF Pittman, Michael RB TB Boldin, Anquan WR Smith, Rod WR Elam, Jason K DEN

12 team redraft

7-2; 2nd place overall. Must have 3 QB's, 4 RB's, 4 WR's, 2 TE' s, 2 K's, 2 D's. Start 1/2/2/1/1/1. Normal performance scoring except TD's are heavy @ 10/6. Drafted players bold.

QB: Manning, Harrington, Garrard

RB: LT2, Westbrook, Chatman, A-train

WR: Harrison, Mason, Toomer, Lelie

TE: Shockey, Pollard

K: Elam, Tynes

D: Atlanta, Jets

Yes - 2nd place. :shock: Dude winning has Plummer, Brees, Priest, Tiki, Ward, Witten, etc.

I'm currently 7-2 in a 10-team redraft league using WCOFF rules. Must start:1 QB2 RB3 WR1 Off Flex (RB/WR)1 TE1 K1 Team DefenseMy current roster:QB Carr, DelhommeRB LT2, Curtis Martin, Barlow (!), Anthony Thomas, Brad Hoover, Lamont JordanWR, Chad Johnson, Plax, Chris Chambers, Brandon Lloyd, Brandon StokelyTE CrumplerK VinatieriDef AtlantaBecause we have no waiver wire restrictions, other than WW priority, I've worked the WW like a mother this season. If not, I would've been screwed, because my picks in the first 6 rounds were:1.02 LT2 (ok season, but disappointment at that draft position)2.09 Barlow (big disappointment)3.02 Chad Johnson (disappointment)4.09 Curtis Martin (huge payoff)5.02 Steve McNair (big disappoinment)6.09 Jerry Porter (absolute bust)Pickups off the WW such as Carr, Plaxico, and Stokely have helped save my season, and have positioned me for a good run during the playoffs. I'm a little worried that I may have been a little lucky because although I'm in 2nd place in the league, I'm only the 5th highest scoring team.

Here's my playoff bound team:QB Aaron Brooks NOS 148.10 6.12 3 8 QB Josh McCown ARI 96.20 10.12 3 6 RB Priest Holmes KCC 217.10 1.01 3 5 RB Lee Suggs CLE 70.30 5.01 3 8 RB Jesse Chatman SDC 55.40 FA 3 10 RB T.J. Duckett ATL 35.00 6.09 3 9 RB Julius Jones DAL 5.00 7.10 3 4 WR Derrick Mason TEN 123.90 2.12 3 9 WR Ashley Lelie DEN 119.10 9.01 3 10 WR Keary Colbert CAR 86.30 17.01 3 3 WR Koren Robinson SEA 85.80 4.12 3 4 WR Donte' Stallworth NOS 68.00 7.01 3 8 WR Darius Watts DEN 57.70 16.04 3 10 TE Tony Gonzalez KCC 130.60 3.01 3 5 TE L.J. Smith PHI 53.50 13.01 3 5 PK Adam Vinatieri NEP 91.70 12.12 3 3 DT Philadelphia Eagles PHI 74.00 11.01 3 5 DT Pittsburgh Steelers PIT 70.00 FA 3 7

9-1 4th year of a keeper league....CulpepperJ. Lewis, S. AlexanderHarrisson, T. Holt, ClaytonMcMichaelAkersJetsBench:DehlommeT. Jones, Morris, C. Taylor, J. WellsKennisonDilgerWhen T. Jones is healthy I start him over Clayton. I dont know how to line to fanball, anyone know...let me know.

3-6 ONLY 1 GAME OUT lol. Thats how bad my division is but as it looks now. 2 of the 4-5 teams are losing.1 4-5 team is winningI am winning. the 1 4-5 team that is winning had Clark and Manning :(

BigLittleMen 8-2 (after confirmation of yards tuesday) both teams final 75-72QB BollerQB PlummerQB LeftwichRB A. GreenRB SuggsRB R. AndersonRB Julius JonesRB Sammy MorrisWR WardWR MasonWR ChambersWR BennettTE F. JonesK BrienDEF Bengals14 team redraft 10th in scoring allow 1 more point than scored...25 waiver wire transactions ..this is a reminder of not mater how good i think I am that sure teams are just flat lucky.

9-1 in my 2nd year Zealots league. Much better than my 5 win season in last year. I'm only going to list key contributors since I don't feel like listing everyone on a 53 man roster.QBD. McNabb (2nd Round pick initial draft finally playing like he was supposed to last year) D. Brees :shock: RBS. Alexander (1st Round pick initial draft. Simply a stud) :excited: A. Green (Traded for in off-season) O. Smith (2003 1st round rookie pick) J. Bettis :shock: E. George WRJ. Horn :thumbup: R. Smith E. Kennison B. Lloyd TEA. Crumpler :thumbup: J. Wiggins (picked up off the wire) KN. Kaeding (WW pick-up) M. Stover L. Tynes DLJ. Abraham :thumbup: D. Freeney B. Smith M. StroudLBT. Spikes S. Foley (WW pick-up) J. WinbornM. VrabelJ. Peterson :wall: J. DavisDB M. Williams (5th Round 2004 rookie pick) :yes: B. ScottP. BuchanonC. WoodsonJ. PhillipsThe strength of my team is obviously my QBs and RBs. My only loss was by less than 3 points the week that Green Bay rolled over and died against Tennesee. When Ahman and Shaun are rolling I'm tough to beat, and between the Bus and Onterrio I usually field a 3rd rb in the flex spot every week. McNabb and Brees have been awesome. I figured McNabb would be great if Philly got him a real reciever, but ,not that I'm complaining, where the hell did Brees come from this year? The result has been the top scoring team in my league by 160 points. Not only that I've had the weekly high score 3 times this year while no one else has had one repeat top score. My WRs have been better than I could've hoped for with Horn and Hot Rod. Kennison got jettisoned due to the injury and I snagged him up just to try to find a consistant 3rd WR. Others filling that spot have been Hymes and Bradford at the beggining of the season. Since then Lloyd has started to come on and Kennison has been useful the last couple of weeks filling in for Horn and Hot Rod.Crumpler has been great for me at TE and Wiggins came through for me on Alge's bye week as a solid filler. I've been more than happy with the way these two have performed for me.Kaeding, like Brees has been a pleasant surprise, and Stover and Tynes are solid options as well.DL is probably my biggest weakness. Outside of Abraham nobody else here gives me consistant fantasy numbers, still my offense has compensated just fine.LB a solid group, but was a lot stronger before Peterson got hurt. Still not hurting me come game time. DB this is the heart of my defense. Williams was a steal and saved my butt in a couple of close games. Early in the season Buchanon stole a victory for me and Scott and Woodson were rock solid. My team is looking good. Offensively I've got 2 of the top 5 rbs and 5 of the top 30.I've also got 2 of the top 5 QBs (who could've seen that coming?). At WR I feature 2 of the top 10, and likewise TEs. My K are all top 20 and 2 are top 10. So overall I feature a very balanced offense. When one guy has been down another has conistantly stepped up to pick up the slack. Defensively I feature one guy in the top 3 on DL, but the I might as well play roulette with the rest of them. LB is better with 4 guys in the top 30. DB is a bit better with 2 guys in the top 20. I'm optimistic about my chances. I feature a balanced attack and many of my guys have favorable schedules down the stretch. I've also been red hot the last 3 weeks scoring 193.61, 193.08, and 213.5 respectively. I'm hoping that my guys aren't peaking too early, but so far so so good. :football: :boxing:

This is a 14-team keeper league with $100 salary cap, with rules that meant some players' values are out of whack because they happened to get certain players cheap. 7-2 - 1st in division, 2nd overall.D McNabb 13 (Kept from last year)K Collins 1 (FA)D Davis 3 (Kept from last year)L Suggs 3 (Kept from last year)M Faulk 30 (Kept from last year)R Droughns 1 (FA)I Bruce 8 (Drafted this year)J Smith 8 (Drafted this year)M Muhammed 1 (Drafted this year)D Terrell 1 (FA)J Witten 1 (Drafted this year)D Graham 2 (Drafted this year)J Kasay 1 (Drafted this year)B Cundiff 1 (Drafted this year)Seattle 1 (Drafted this year)Pittsburgh 1 (Drafted this year)I got McNabb and Faulk in a trade last year when my team was 0 and 4 and needed help, and McNabb and Faulk were ineffective and injured, respectively. I got D Davis and Suggs in FA last year, and the rules state that the salary goes up $2 each year you keep them. This season, I wanted to get an RB that was left (Q Griffin) and at least one of the best WRs left on the board (I got two instead, Bruce and J Smith). I lucked out and got Droughns on waivers to replace Griffin the week after Droughns first start. My best picks were my TEs and WRs. My Ks stink - but their is no one better in FA now (must have 2 kickers on roster - that means 28 kickers are not in FA). I play the 3-time defending champs (he's owned Preist Holmes for years). I hope to win and further solidify my playoff chances.
Oh - and I set a new league record for highest score in a week (league has been around since 1999):McNabb - 26D Davis - 26Faulk - 15Bruce - 10Muhammed - 30Witten - 25Kasay - 6Pitt - 11Total: 149 (previous record - 143) :pickle: :pickle: :pickle:
my dyansty league: 14 team kep all year round- record is 6-3-1 starters: qb: Daunte Culpepperwr1: Javon Walkerwr2: Eddie Kennisonrb1: Jamal Lewisrb2: Thomas Jones te: Jeb Putizer util: Jabbar Gaffney k: Jeff Wilkins/Sebastian Janikowskidef: Derrick Brooks, Donnie Edwards, Takeo Spikes bench: qb: Philip Rivers wr: Charles Rogers, Tyrone Calico rb: Lamont Jordan, Michael Bennett, Tatum Bell, Chris Perry, Mewelde Moore te: Todd Heap injuries hit me hard this year with Heap, Bennett, Rogers off the bat 3 of my original starters. the bench is solid fo rnext year for a run as well... i still think i got what it takes to win it all. nice friendll playoff schedules for Cpep-Lewis-Jones especialy. health will be the lone and main concern.

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I wanted to double check my record before I posted this team, but then I forgot about it! :wall:

10 team keeper league.

Can only keep 1 WR, 1 RB, 1 QB & 1 TE each year. ALso can keep 2 rookies any positon along w/those.

Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/TE, 1 WR/RB, 1 K, 1 DEF

10-0 Undefeated!!! :shock: :excited:

Went to the SB last year in this league w/only 2 or 3(I forget) losses on the year & lost. :rant:

QB:Leftwich, Brees (ww), Big Ben (ww)

RB: Holmes, Martin, McGahee, Henry, J. Jones

WR: A. Johnson, Chambers, R. Moss, TO (via trade)

TE: Gonzo, Putzier

K: Feely, Tynes (Must carry 2 kickers)

DEF: Seattle, Arizona (Must carry 2 DEF)

12 team keeper league, we've been playing for 17 years. In 17 years I've won exactly ONCE :rant: , but have the league record for playoff appearances with 11 (That's 10 first round losses, one championship appearance, and one championship win - Grrr). I'm really hoping this is the year I get on the Trophy again.2004 FFFL Tornados (9-1):Peyton ManningCarson PalmerShaun AlexanderAhman GreenReuben DroughnsKevin FaulkMarvin HarrisonDarrell JacksonReggie WayneTony GonzalezNate BurlesonDallas ClarkShaun McDonaldAdam VinatieriBaltimore Raven DArizona Cardinals D

QB: Trent Green, Byron LeftwichWR: Terrell Owens, Darell Jackson, Mushin Muhammed, Koren RobinsonRB: LaDainian Tomlinson, Emmitt Smith, William GreenTE: Jason Witten, Bubba FranksK: Shayne GrahamDefense: Baltimore

6&4 with a 1 game lead in my division.

4th best record

3rd in points scored,

5th in points against.

I actually forget how many years I have been in this keeper league. It is along the lines of 9 years. We keep 4 with players costing a pick 4 rounds higher than their previous cost.

Start 1qb 1rb 2wr 0te 1k 1d 2 flex

performance scoring qb td's 3 points

QB: Brady Rattay McNair

RB: Alexander Davis Drougns Pittman

WR: Ward Chambers Holt Mason

TE: Shockey

D: Seattle Jets

K: Vinatierie Christie

Drafted Traded For Got on Waivers

I traded Brown for Holt just before the trade deadline. I traded K.Jones for Drougns earlier. I gave up a 4th round draft pick for Mason.

Overall I am pretty excited about my chances to win it this year.

Anything can hapen in the playoffs though.

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