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Playoff Fantasy Football League - Pot o' Gold, is back!! (1 Viewer)

MikesVikes (V), Sofaking Awesome, Jake Fromm State Farm, and Olave Garden (Cash) are in and paid.
Remember, what makes this contest great is it's not one and done for player usage, it's unlimited. Use a player once or every week that they're playing.

We start 10 spots - 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB, WR or TE) K and Def. If you miss entering a starting lineup for the first game today, you can still enter a lineup tonight, tomorrow, or even on Monday using just players in those games.
I will confirm after this weekend but I believe there are 87 people in the contest this year, the same number as last year.
** Updated as of 1/15/24 - We have 91 people in the contest and I'm gonna payout the top 6 (1 more than last year), and the person who had the highest one week score. Do a percentage breakdown of approximately: 40-20-15-10-7-5-3.

With 91 confirmed, that would be $2,275!!

1st Place - $910
2nd Place - $455
3rd Place - $340
4th Place - $230
5th Place - $160
6th Place - $115
Single Week highest pts - $65

1st Place - $910 - Dragon's Wife

2nd Place - $455 - Zippity Do Da

3rd Place - $340 - Philly Boy

4th Place - $230 - KC REUNITED

5th Place - $160 - Wilderness Girls

6th Place - $115 - The Gimp

Single Week highest pts - $65 - Bristol Bloods

Need all winners' payment info.
All paid up, congrats to all! Another great year!

See you all next year, when the mods will likely aggravate me again. 🙄

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