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Playoff Health: Shockey, Stokley, MA (1 Viewer)

Wilbur Wood

In the process of putting together rosters for Fantasy Playoff Tournaments. This is in no way a WDIS kind of thread. Rather just trying to determine on a few players who were banged late in the year as to their outlook for health in the post-season:Jeremy Shockey: Hurt during Week 16, missed important game in Week 17. Assumption is that he plays Round 1, but he's been a guy who has been "hobbled" by injuries in his career. Had a relatively healthy season in 2005 until this. Full strength for the Panther game?Mike Anderson: Ankle sprain kept out of the 2nd half of Week 16, sat Week 17. Has 2 more weeks to heal. Have not seen this classifiied as the more serious "high ankle sprain". Assume that he will start in the Bronco's 1st game. Will he be 100%? Or does will this linger and result in more work for Bell (and a little more for Dayne). By the way, Bell looked just fine in short goal line sets last week. hopefully diffusing some early season critcism on this board that he couldn't handle goal line work.Marvin Harrison: Should be 100% productive with the splint by the 1st game.Big Ben: Is his max throwing distance still limited to ~ 40 yards with the thumb?Stokley: Hurt Week 16, has been a slow healer. 100% by the 1st game?Leftwich: Proceed with caution.Cooley: Was banged up a bit vs Philly


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