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Playoffs: RB Samuels or Henry; WR Sutton, Pettis or Humphries (1 Viewer)


RB: News so far is there is a chance Connor comes back but questionable. Pitt plays NE. Henry had a crazy week but can he duplicate against NYG with Dion Lewis still getting his share? I also have Breida who is also very questionable. Leaning towards Henry since healthy.  Thoughts?

WR: Need this one decided on tonight. Sutton plays Sat night. Sutton has done nothing but came out of the game last week with a thigh injury. Not on injury list now. Plays CLE. Pettis is hurt otherwise would start - listed as questionable. Humphries on TB playing Bal - he gets targets but I'm in a performance league (yds/tds).

Leave link will answer yours.

I like Henry and Pettis (he will play)... unless Conner is active by Henry game time. Anyhow just go Henry since he is Healthy 


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