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Beau Tocks

At this time of year winter shows it's ugly head and spoils the best laid plans for matchups you scout out weeks before. Would you bench your studs in nasty to horrific weather for someone who has potential but has been riding your bench much of the year. Case in point I have Fitz in a terrible N.E. wintry mix while T.Holt gets to play in a climate controlled dome. I am having a hard time pulling the trigger to bench my Cardinal for the Ram in this most important week but I am considering it heavily.

Are any of you laboring over such a bold move in your Superbowls this weekend?

Always start your studs, that's why you drafted them. They got you this far, and you would much rather lose with Fitz in your lineup regardless of what Holt may do, than to lose with Holt in your lineup and Fitz on the bench with the points that would have got it done.


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