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Please help me pick a Week 17 D/ST that is likely to score a TD (1 Viewer)


Hi All, our league scoring for D/ST is weighted towards scoring TD's and there is no penalty for allowing points. So, I could use help picking a D/ST that is most like to score a TD in Week 17.

Scoring is as follows: 1 point per sack, 2 points for Fumble Recovery or INT, 10 points for a D/ST Touchdown.

Help me pick among these D/ST's

Eagles @home versus Arizona
Seattle @home versus Pittsburgh
Houston @home versus TItans
LV Raiders @ Indy
Tampa Bay @home versus Saints

Thanks so much!
I'd go with the Raiders out of that group. Maybe the best pass rush going in the NFL right now that will get Minshew into some quick decisions and maybe you'll get a pick 6, or a scoop n score. They went into Arrowhead last week and had two defensive TDs. I'd love to be able to start them.
I see it like this:

  • Eagles: Arizona will be trailing and pressing. Kyler can be turnover prone and he takes chances. I think a TD is possible
  • Raiders; Pass rush is the best of the bunch. Minshew also isn't shy about forcing the ball. I think a TD is possible
  • Tampa/Seattle: You never know what you will get out of Carr or Rudolph. Could be good or bad. Flip a coin
  • Houston: Pass rush is injured with Anderson, Grenard both likely hindered. Just not sure what happens with them.

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