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Potential Daunte Culpepper to Oakland? (1 Viewer)



Any thoughts? For all you cap crunchers, can the Raiders afford him if they dump Collins and don't re-sign Woodson (which they won't).I think this makes the Raiders a lot better, but what can they trade to the Vikings? 1st rounder? I don't really see much else they could offer... maybe they can get him cheaper... I don't think they'd have to pay more though.And while we're on the hypothetical train.... suppose the Vikings pick 6th/7th now.... who do they go after? And do they try to package 6 and 17 to move up to 1? That'd be cool.

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Didn't Randy openly diss Cully after he got traded ?
Yes. But he more recently supported playing with Duante againFrom 1/24

Meanwhile, Moss said Monday on Sporting News Radio that he would welcome Culpepper in Oakland despite the pair's differences during their final year together in 2004.

"One thing I have come to figure out," Moss said, "is that this game that we play has gotten me and Daunte kind of distant. But, I think about reuniting us, or something like that, and taking it to another level. I'm not saying he is going to become a Raider, but if there was any interest in bringing him to Oakland, I've got my arms open to anybody who wants to come out here and win a Super Bowl. That's what I'm working for."
He didnt just dis culpep, he said that Collins was a better QB.

That was before he played a season with Collins. Then he openly changed his mind.


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