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Potential RB Trades (1 Viewer)

Keith R

The Don
Non-PPR. 1 RB, 2 flex. We can keep 1 player each year at a cost of 1 round higher than their previous draft spot but no player can be kept in consecutive years.

My RBs right now are Harris, Conner, Jacobs, J. Robinson, Pacheco, Haskins.

Thinking of offering Jacobs/Haskins for Gibson/Pierce, and would not be surprised to see a counteroffer of Jacobs/Pacheco for Gibson/Pierce.

Thoughts regarding either of these possibilities? Much more concerned about this season than 2023. TIA


Since you can only keep one player from year to year and not twice in a row I hope you are more worried about this year than next year.

Anyway, What Pierce is it? Alec or Damion? That matters a lot.

If it's Dameon I don't see this happening at all. If it is Alec then I probably stick with what I have. I would rather have Jacobs over Gibson at this point (I think).


If I was Gibson/Pierce (assuming Dameon) owner, I would not deal those two for Jacobs. Never hurts to try and if you can land the two, more power to you.

Keith R

The Don
It is Dameon. The other owner is a Raiders fan, to the point of irrationality
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