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POTUS Radio Station 124 XM (1 Viewer)

Da Guru

Fair & Balanced
POTUS Radio 124

After giving up on stations like CNN and FOX years ago I was turned on to this station a few weeks ago by a friend.  Been listening to it a little more each day and starting to enjoy it.

Their claim is unbiased news reporting and talk.  Just now they were talking about the shutdown and border security and gave good assessments on both sides and bashed both sides as well during the same segment.   Unheard of on cable news today.

If you have XM give it a listen and see what you think.

I like listening to this channel. It's not wholly unbiased, but they do a good job of trying to play it down the middle. On the flip side, the conservative channel, Patriot, is unlistenable.  Wilkow us like a parody of conservative talk radio,  he's so unhinged. 

One of my good friends is mostly apolitical (he's basically an atheist Republican environmentalist). I've known him for 30 years and I can count on one hand the number of times that he ever said anything remotely political.

So I was quite surprised to discover a few years ago that his favorite radio station is POTUS. That's all he ever listens to in the car (expect during football season, when he sprinkles in the fantasy football channel).

I asked him why, and his response was: "They report the news without acting like it's a big scandal or the end of the world."

My response was, "Okay, fair enough, but why listen to it so often? Don't they have an hourly news summary or something?"

Him: "Well, yeah, but I like keeping it on because it feels like being at a dinner party, listening to everyone discuss the topics of the day."

I’ve been listening to it for a couple years. I think it seems this way bc it’s dufficult to agree with trump. 
Just seems like more sane, less emotional discussion than the typical CNN or FOX stuff


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