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PPR: Dropping Ginn, Pick up D. Moore, D. Amendola or Humphries? (1 Viewer)


No trading in this league. Here are my WR's.  Brandin Cooks, G. Tate, C. Beasley, A. Wilson, Robby Anderson, Taywan Taylor and Ginn. I'm looking for bench and upside. There are no RB's available to drop for Ginn.  Ginn just went on IR so I don't need him. 

I'm looking for upside.  Here are my choices. David Moore(SEA), D. Amendola or A. Humphries.

I was thinking Moore because of upside. What do you think?

if you are just thinking pure upside then Moore is easily the choice over the other two.  Amendola and Humphries are low upside with ok floor but aren't going to crack your lineup.  You already have that guy in Beasley. 


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