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PPR League - Kupp for Mid - Late 2019 1st? (1 Viewer)


PPR 12 team league, (TE at 1.25 per)... regular scoring.  Starting requirements Q, RB, WR, WR, TE, 2 Flex, K, D

My WRs are:  Baldwin, Thielen, Hurns, R Matthews, Stills, St. Brown 

As you can see, my WRs are not great.  Would you trade your 1st (projected to be mid level (2018 it was 8th spot) for Kupp?  My gut says no, maybe counter and add his 2nd?

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My general rule is I don't trade 1st round picks unless. The guy is truly a difference maker. My definition of tgat is a guy still in his prime that is top 5 qb or tight end or top 15 we or rb. The other way I will trade a future 1st is for a current 1st, so to move up to get Barkely or if a guy like Guice or Chubb fell to 1.08ish. I don't feel like Kupp is that type of player. 

Have I broken these rules? I have, and most of the time it has ended poorly. 

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Off the top of my head i would not. A 19 first doesn't have as much value right now, and will gain a lot between now and your next draft. I like Kupp, and see his long term potential, this is more of maximizing the trade value of your mid first. Baldwin and AT will carry you, and stills and RM can support on off weeks. It is not a killer lineup but it is ok for now. 


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