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PPR: Need to replace A. Wilson, Please help me choose. Please Rank, Might not get first Pick (1 Viewer)


PPR: Tajae Sharpe: Tenn, Danny Amendola: Mia, Jakeem Grant MIA, Seth Roberts OAk, M. Bryant, OAK, Kelvin Benjamin Buf and Adam Humphries TB

Please Rate 1 thru 7 since I might not get my first few choices.

I have had too many injuries this year for my league. Have already lost, 2 TE's, 2 RB's, 1 QB, and 2 WR's to injuries. Been a bad year. That's why I need help.

With it being PPR, I would go Amendola at #1 considering the amt. of targets he's received last two weeks with Osweiler at QB. After that - Bryant and then Sharpe (although he's on bye this week). Then I'd go Benjamin, Roberts, Grant, Humphries. Humphries snap count is trending down as they look to get Godwin more involved and DeSean Jackson is still ahead of him.


Amendola, Grant, Sharpe, and then the rest don't matter-. whichever you click on is as good a choice as any other.


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