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PPR "Superflex" League (1 Viewer)


I'm in a longtime 12 team "Super flex" redraft league, meaning we can start a QB at flex. This obviously pushes QB values higher than they'd be in a standard league and generally the draft reflects this. A couple of years ago, we added PPR which generally pushes up WR values a ton, some RB's as well, and QB values down. The scoring is pretty standard with 4 points per passing TD and we start 2 RB's and 3 WR's. As such, I am in a bit of a quandry w/ my cheat sheets and draft strategy of trying to figure out how to balance the postional values, especially between WR and QB. QB's probably are still the highest scorers on average (although its much closer in PPR) , but the fact that we basically start 2 QB , but at least 3 WR's plays a role as well right? Does anyone have any experience with 2 QB/ Superflex PPR leagues (or any else) that can give me some thoughts.

FYI: I have the 11th pick in my draft and any of QB, RB, WR, and TE (Graham of course) are reasonable picks at that pointI I guess if don't take a QB with one of those first two picks, i'm kind of forced to take a QB with my 3.11 pick or 4.02 pick, which i'm not too thrilled about since assuming the top 6-7 QB's are gone by then, any of the next tier guys are not really great values at those spots. If somehow I knew Sproles would be available at 3.11, I would lean towards grabbing a non-RB with the first 2 picks. Last year, I had Cam and Ryan and cruised to a Championship (the rest of my team was pretty awesome as well) and two years ago, I actually had Rodgers and Brady (Round 1 and 2), and went 11-2 (got a bye and then had a bad week 15 and lost). Just evidence that a good QB duo can go a long way even with the 4 point TD's and the ppr aspect balancing the scoring. If Rodgers is available for my first pick, is that a no brainer as well?

I'd love to hear some thoughts guys.


I've only played in a superflex league once, and my best advice to you is that from the 11, you really have to play wait and see.

I suspect the first round will go RB/QB heavy as it did in mine, roughly half and half. You really have to take best available RB if they let the RBs slip, and you have to take a QB in my opinion if they let the QBs slip.

I think there are a lot of options for combinations of mid round quarterbacks in case you don't wanna take one early. Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning are both great for where they are going. Dalton has amazing upside. The athletic QBs will likely go way ahead of their value.

If you can grab an elite QB and a RB at the 11/14 I think you'll be sitting pretty for the rest of the draft.

Also, unsure if this is too AC for the pool, but its better than half the threads on the front page.

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