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Priest Holmes (1 Viewer)

The Mechanic

As I have him in my dynasty league ( I also have Larry Johnson ) I was just wondering what's the story on his condition, where he is this offseason & what do you think he chances are to return to K.C. or maybe get traded?

On the NFL site he is not even on the depth chart for R.B.

Any Usefull comments would be appreciated................

IIRC, he restructured his contract and the prognosticators took it as a sign that he might retire. (The logic being that he had a very low salary this year and that if he were planning on playing he would want way more than what he agreed to.)

Feb 25 2006 8:09PM Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herman Edwards said at the NFL Combine Saturday, Feb. 25, he has heard through a source that RB Priest Holmes (neck) has been medically cleared. He was not clear if Holmes was cleared to play or start his rehab.
Feb 26 2006 11:37AM Elizabeth Merrill and Randy Covitz, of the Kansas City Star, reports details on Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes' (neck) visit to his spine specialist are lacking. Holmes told a family member that he was "fine," and then slipped back into obscurity. He has not contacted head coach Herman Edwards or general manager Carl Peterson as of Saturday, Feb. 25, but both said there was plenty of time to do so.
Feb 28 2006 1:05PM ESPNews reports Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes (neck) is reportedly considering retirement.
Feb 28 2006 6:51PM Tom Orsborn, from The Express-News, reports Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes (neck) is possibly considering retirement. Friends and family say his actions of late are not in keeping with his usual preparation for an upcoming season. Holmes' stepfather said, "He hasn't been carrying on as if he was going to play. Normally, he would be in the gym working out and have a routine going on. Right now, he seems to be laid back and relaxed and not wanting to think about it." Holmes' career was jeopardized by a helmet-to-helmet collision that gave him head and neck trauma.
Mar 2 2006 11:22PM The New York Times reports Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes is a potential salary cap victim.
Mar 6 2006 9:26AM Elizabeth Merrill, of the Kansas City Star, reports Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes may be one of the team's players that restructured his contract to get the team under the salary cap. He would have cost the Chiefs $5.33 million under his previous contract. General manager/team president Carl Peterson would only say, "First of all, I really appreciate players that think about the team first and themselves second. Priest Holmes has always been that way."
Chiefs | Contract update: P. HolmesFri, 10 Mar 2006 17:43:18 -0800Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes' restructured contract included base salaries of $670,000 (2006), $870,000 (2007), $1.07 million (2008) and $1.27 million (2009). His old deal called for base salaries of $3.25 million (2006), $4 million (2007), $5 million (2008) and $6.5 million (2009).

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