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Prisco's Annual "Better Than" Team (1 Viewer)


starts on pg 2, so i linked below directly to that page...


in addition to long leon washington profile...

Darnell Bing, S, USC -- Bing is one of those guys who showed up when you watched USC play. He has good size and his speed is better on the field than on the clock. He's a big hitter who will be a sure tackler. He did have some injury problems, but when he's on the field he has Troy Polamalu ability.

Charlie Whitehurst, QB, Clemson --- Many consider this a three-quarterback draft with Young, Leinart and Jay Cutler of Vanderbilt. But this kid has all the tools to be a quality starter in this league -- and maybe more. At 6-4, 216 he has prototype size and he has a strong arm. He understands the passing game, too. But he must adjust to taking snaps under center. His father, David, played in the NFL so he knows what it takes.

Maurice Drew, RB, UCLA -- He is only 5-6, but he's solid. And he has blazing speed. This kid is going to be a much better back than people are expecting. The late word is that his stock is rising, too. Don't get caught up in his height. This is compact little player.

Davin Joseph, G, Oklahoma -- He played both guard and tackle at Oklahoma, but he appears better suited to playing inside in the NFL. He has great feet, which will help him pull. He also plays with a mean streak that teams love. The team that gets him will be getting a starter for years to come.

Mike Hass, WR, Oregon State -- He caught a ton of balls for the Beavers, even though he was often doubled. He knows how to get open, knows how to find the soft spots in the zones and runs great routes to beat man coverage. He lacks great speed, but you can't discount his ability to get open. That's an art form.

Kyle Williams, DT, LSU -- Most pro scouts like the other LSU tackle, Claude Wroten, a lot better. Wroten looks the part more than Williams, but Williams seemed to show up more in games when you watched the Tigers play. He is smallish at 6-1, 300 pounds, but he can play. He's tough and plays hard all the time. He won't be taken in the first two rounds, but he will help a team that does take him.

Dale Robinson., LB, Arizona State -- At 6-feet, 231 pounds, Robinson has size issues and he didn't run well for scouts this spring. But he makes plays. The kid was a tackling machine at Arizona State. Sometimes that's good enough. He plays a lot quicker than his 40 times would indicate.

Roger McIntosh, LB, Miami -- Miami has produced a ton of linebackers, but this kid isn't as highly ranked as some of those from the past. He's 6-2, 237 pounds and he has decent speed at 4.63 in the 40. He's one of those linebackers who excels in the run-and-chase style. He'll be a solid starter for the team that takes him.

Cedric Griffin, CB, Texas -- At just over 6-feet and 199 pounds, he has good size for a corner. He's also a good tackler and has played a lot of man in his college career. That will help him on the next level. He doesn't have blazing speed, which will drop him down, but he will be a good starting corner in the NFL.

Alan Zemaitis, CB, Penn State -- Stopwatch speed has dropped him down a bunch. But he's a guy who plays much faster than his time. When you watched Penn State play, Zemaitis was a good corner that made plays. He didn't run well at all at his Pr Day workout, but he has the size to move to free safety. There's a place for him on a roster.

Abdul Hodge, LB, Iowa -- He won't go in the first round like his more-heralded teammate, Chad Greenway, but he's a good football player. He's short at 6-feet and he doesn't have great speed, but he finds his way to the football. Hodge will be a starting linebacker for a long time.

Frostee Rucker, DE, USC -- At 6-3, 267 pounds, he has decent size and Rucker is one of those players who always seemed to find a way to make plays at USC. There are some scouts who question whether he can be an every-down end, but he will be a factor for the team that takes him.

Jeff King, TE, Virginia Tech -- He played basketball for the Hokies, so you know he has good feet. At 6-5, 245, he has the size teams want form the position. He doesn't have blazing speed, but he's fast enough. In a deep tight end class, he could be worth a look early on the second day.

Mark Anderson, DE, Alabama -- It's tough to find guys with pass-rush potential, but Anderson has it. He really came on last season and in the past couple of weeks his stock is rising. He isn't big at 260 pounds, but he has the frame to add weight. His speed is what excites.

Guy Whimper, T, East Carolina -- He is a converted tight end, which says something about his athletic ability. He's now 6-6, 310 pounds and he has light feet. He is raw, but with the right team he has a chance to develop into a quality tackle.

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