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Pros & Cons 3 WR or 2 Flex Leagues (1 Viewer)


I play in a casual 12 team league that starts
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR

PPR scoring. Their is a proposal to add a 3rd WR or 2nd flex. The proponents say it rewards those who drafted well. The haters say the waiver wire will be useless.

Pros and cons to adding another skill position? I don’t really buy the waiver wire argument but what say you?
I like having more starters, it makes for more start/sit decisions and rewards those that do have a deeper squad. It can punish teams that have a ton of injuries and stacked bye weeks though. As for the wire being too thin, one more starter isn't going to change what's out on the wire, unless you inflate bench sizes at the same time. Keep benches the same size as they are currently, and you'll have the same guys on the wire as you would already.
Extra flex helps everyone navigate the injuries/byes a bit better, as you can start W/R/T. Mandatory 3rd WR is a bit more restricting, although I play in leagues with it and love it. Of course, any change to the starting rosters should be voted on or agreed upon preferably before the draft so that owners have opportunity to adjust their team-building strategy.
Count me into the more starters the better camp. I would push to add a 3rd WR slot and a second flex spot.

I also don't mind a lesser waiver wire. The draft is the best part of the season make it worth something. Having g roster churn every week because the waiver wire is too stacked gets old. I would rather reward good drafting.
We have found 1 RB / 2 WR / 2 FLEX with PPR to work well for 12 Teamers.

Really balances out RB/WR and gives owners a little flexibility in team construction... particularly after injuries hit.

For 10T I like 2/2/2 and for 8 teamers I like 2/3/2 plus a second QB.
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The waiver wire would be the same unless you are also expanding the roster sizes.

I prefer the extra flex in lineups, so if the choice is a 3rd WR or an extra flex, I'd opt for an extra flex. It allows rosters and lineups to be built successfully in multiple ways.

And include me in the camp that prefers deeper lineups/rosters and rewarding those that do the research up front and draft well vs. those that can click add faster.
3 WR is more challenging than adding a second Flex

9 starters requires more skill in lineup decisions than 8

We have 10 starts - 1 QB 3 WR 2 RB TE FL K DST

Our one flex is a W/R/T option
If you're adding a starter, then the bench should (at minimum) be staying the same size unless the league is in agreement that there were already too many bench spots. Otherwise, that's an additional roster spot that will affect the waiver wire free agent pool somewhat. If it's a short bench league and people were already complaining about bye week crunches or insufficient IR spots to cope with injuries, then you might actually be having a conversation about adding another bench spot to support the additional starter requirement. In which case, you're talking about +2 roster spots, but guessing that's not going to be the case for most leagues adding a starter spot.
I personally don't like this trend toward multiple flex spots. I prefer the additional emphasis on the strategy of determining which players to start and which to rest. I would guess that I represent a small minority voice, however.
The haters say the waiver wire will be useless.
this is a pretty big downside and a deal breaker for me. the draft and the waiver are a huge part of the game so rules and any league changes favor increasing available player pool at all times. even then the pickings are slim after week 2 or so.

at 12 teams this probably isn't a big issue, but increasing starting position will make it more competitive in the pool. in your setup, imo, 2RB + 2WR + Flex makes your RB pool way too stressed compared to the other positions. 1RB + 2WR + 2Flex probably evens out the positional parity a bit better. Or 2RB + 3WR + 1Flex (or 2Flex).

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