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Lets see your CHAMPIONSHIP rosters.......... (1 Viewer)

Was able to win back to back Ships in my main dynasty 12 team Superflex league. Feel quite proud considering how many hits I took to  my original starting lineup.

Players I lost for part or full time:




A. Robinson & Sutton  :missing:





Logan Thomas

Main players on Roster

QB- Rodgers, Hill, Tua, Wentz, Fields

RB- A. Jones, Montgomery, Darrel Williams, Penny, Foreman, Dillon

WR- Diontae, Godwin, Pittman, Mooney, Gabe Davis, Sutton, Robinson

TE- Henry

DST- Tampa Bay

I had one championship team:

Prescott (wanted to replace him the whole 2nd half, but no better option was ever available)

Michel (late season pickup)


Kupp (traded for him after week 4 with Mixon & Cooper - a big risk that paid off)

Metcalf (another one I tried to replace with no luck)


Ronald Jones in the flex (obv a late season pickup)


Patriots D

Took over an orphan dynasty team that went winless last season and turned it into a champion. 12-team SF PPR 1.25 TE

QB: Mahomes, Burrow

RB: Najee, Henry/Foreman, Singletary, Freeman

WR: Chase, Deebo, Diontae, DJM, MWill

TE: Pitts

12-2 in a 12 team PPR league. Lead the league in total points as well. #1 seed with a bye.

Proceeded to lose Godwin and Fournette right before the bye to injury and Ekeler to Covid. Still made it to the finals. Also lost C. Carson earlier in the season.


* QB: L. Jackson, T. Huntley, T. Lance

* RB: Ekeler, C. Carson, L. Fournette, D. Montgomery (trade), R. Jones, R. Penny

* WR: S. Diggs, C. Godwin, M. Pittman

* TE: M. Andrews

* Defense: TB, PHI, Chicago

* K: Zeurlein

Have RB/WRs end of the roster that keep flying in and off to battle Covid or block opponents. Didn't bother to list.

Key draft picks were Ekeler (only top RB who didn't get wiped out), Fournette (late), Andrews 5th round (stud), M. Pittman (late). Key trades: Getting Montgomery and Rojo late before the deadline.

My roster above has the same profile as many of my other championship rosters:

1) Roster the minimum WRs possible (3 or 4), but having two of those three be stable contributors all year with high floors and high ceiling here and there, and

2) Absolutely load up on RBs constantly in the hope you hit the lottery. In this case, Penny was a hit.

I always find that come playoff time, it's all about matchups. And when it comes to matchups, RBs have far more predictability than WRs.

I'll always be an RB guy even in PPR leagues.

Be curious how many others focus on this type of roster construction.

Took over an orphan dynasty team that went winless last season and turned it into a champion. 12-team SF PPR 1.25 TE

QB: Mahomes, Burrow

RB: Najee, Henry/Foreman, Singletary, Freeman

WR: Chase, Deebo, Diontae, DJM, MWill

TE: Pitts
Did you have the 1.1/1.2/1.3 picks?

10 Team Dynasty PPR starts 2QB 3WR 2RB 1TE, 1W/T 1W/R 1WTR flex . Kicker Def 2IDP

I have won back to back titles and placed 2nd , 6th the prior years.

QBs Wilson, Watson, Tua, Taysom Hill, Trey Lance started lance in the final.

WR Justin Jefferson, AJ Brown, Godwin, DJ Moore, Waddle, Laviska, Rondale Moore, Paris Campbell IR.

RB JTaylor, NChubb, AJ Dillon, MJ Carter, Rhomondre Stevenson, JKDobbins IR, Trevor Sermon, 

TE Kelce, Goedert, Kmet, Trautman 

K Succop 

CHI Def rolled with CLE most of the year. Grabbed PHI for playoffs, CHI in final for matchups 

IDP: roquan Smith, Micah Parsons 

I traded for a crappy team's 1st rnd pick before the season so I'll draft #2 overall #10 overall #14 overall through trades. 

Watson and my QB2 slot proved difficult. Stable Long Term QB situations for younger QBs not looking great outside of Burrow. Traded for Taylor prior to season. Traded for Lance after the draft. 

Targets for 2022 Trevor Lawrence   value is low with upside. Future TE upgrade like Pitts, planning for life without Kelce. Curious where RWilson ends up and DWatson. JLove, DMills, for right price. 

Guys I might move for right trade: Kelce while still has value.  Wilson, Godwin, maybe. laviska taysom expendable. Waiting on RMoore. No rush on Campbell he'll get hurt and take up IR again. Hoping JK Dobbins is healthy.  

I'm here to research draft prospects. I'll get a top 2QB or top WR,RB. I to hoard QBs elite prospects. I draft based on best available talent regardless of roster needs. I'll sell players cheaply for draft picks after picking up on WW.  I hoard draft picks.  No limit to picks owned no salary cap. I will get two 3rds trade for a 2nd and keep upgrading.  I try to acquire a top 4 pick each year from a non playoff owner trade.

It's taken 4 years to get my roster here. I embraced losing year one. Trades haven't always worked out. Draft picks flop. Just try to be right 3 out of 5 times. 60% success = coming out ahead

It also helps when other owners make stupid moves. 

Did you have the 1.1/1.2/1.3 picks?
I took over the team days before the season started, paying only for 23. Previous owner before quit had drafted TLaw and D. Smith. And team had Burrow from having 1.1 previous year too. It also had Mixon and Chubb, but D. Smith was the only playable WR and then there was MT. I made 21 trades to revamp the team, giving away my 22, 23 and 24 1sts and 2nds in the process (though later adding a 23 1st).

Traded Chubb for Najee early on, a multiplayer deal involving DK+ for Chase, and another multiplayer deal involving Kittle+ for Pitts.

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