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PUP this week? (1 Viewer)


I believe this is the week players on the PUP(physically unable to perform) list must be activated or placed on IR. I also think Wednesday is the deadline.

For example, I think the Gmen have to decide on David Tyree by Wednesday.

Same for Caddy?

who else?

Pats have two linemen right?

do we?are you thinking of kaczur and neal, maybe?those dudes are back playing.
Has Neal played? Sorry can't recalllooked at Pats website and they still have him 3rd on the depth chart BUT it's dated 10/22The other was Ross but I see he was cut Oct 28th
Partial list:

Atlanta - OL Renardo Foster

Cleveland - WR Joe Jurevicius (will probably go on IR)

Denver - DL Carlton Powell

Houston - DB Dunta Robinson

Indianapolis - OL Ryan Lilja (LB Tyjuan Hagler activated last month)

New England - OL Stephen Neal activated last month; OL Oliver Ross released last month

New York Giants - WR David Tyree

Tampa Bay - RB Cadillac Williams

Thanks [scooter]

Foster from Oct 29


Offensive tackle Renardo Foster, who started two games and played in seven last season, is on the physically-unable-to-perform list. The Falcons have two weeks to decide if they can activate him or leave him on the PUP for the rest of the season.

Jurevicius yesterday

Cleveland wide receiver Joe Jurevicius, forced to sit out the 2008 season because of a serious staph infection in his surgically repaired right knee, plans to come back next season for his beloved Browns. "I'm not giving up," he said. "I'm playing next year. It's not, I'm going to try. I am playing next year."

Powell went to IR 11/3 article


Dunta played Oct 19th

Lilja Oct 26th

Head coach Tony Dungy isn't sure that guard Ryan Lilja (knee) will be able to return this season.

Tyree-wednesday decision


Sporting News yesterday

Fantasy owners shouldn't be in a rush to pick up Williams anytime soon. But they should keep in mind that something could be decided on Williams in the next couple of days or so. And if the Bucs are desperate enough to bring back Williams, who hasn't played since Week 4 of last season, it could be a sign that Dunn's injury is worse than expected or that Graham is starting to wear down.

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that stinksHe is a pro bowl special teams player and was starting to really improve as a WR last year.

Hammy in camp, turns into PUP, into IR...nice treatment of a guy that has given them his all.

Coughlin's statements are damage control.

Last I heard (Friday? Saturday?) Coughlin say was that Tyree could play special teams but they were considerring him in the WR corps, where he'd fit in. Monday Tyree says he can play ST.

Today Coughlin says the docs say he's not ready. No RE-injury no further problems yet, the same hammy that could play ST on Monday is out for the year Wednesday with no new injury? Cmon now.

GB Tyree for staying loyal as he sits out a whole year with a hammy that was initially diagnosed to keep him out "a week or two".

Tyree said he thought about playing for another team but he liked being with the Giants.

"Obviously, for what my career has been up to this point, this is definitely where I prefer to be, but I also prefer to play football," he said Monday.
He'll be 29 next year. While he was improving as a WR, a year off +29, they just made things look bleak for him career wise.

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