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I've started out 0-3 in a ten team 1 point ppr league.  I haven't given up yet because I think my team is decent all around and I've been a victim of players not living up to their potential.

Keeper League where you can keep as many players as you like picked after the ninth round or anyone selected on the waiver wire.


QB  Brady, Darnold, Garoppolo

RB  Elliott, Drake, K Johnson, Ekeler, Lindsay, Cohen

WR  Allen, Landry, Golladay, Funchess, Enunwa, D Jax, Hogan

TE  Gronk

K  Lutz

Def  Seattle

Garoppolo is a potential keeper.  Darnold is also a keeper.  Would you hold on to Garoppolo despite the injury or pick up another QB off the waiver wire.  QBs available:  Tannehill, Winston, Manning, Beathard, Trubisky, Keenum, Prescott, Mariota

That depends on if Brady turns it around.  I expect him to struggle again this week, but if Edelman comes back and is close to fully recovered, that is a huge lift for this offense.  And if Gordon pans out, then watch out.  Which means that after week 4, you're not starting anybody but Brady except during the Bye.

Of course, at 0-3 you need to win now, and dropping Jimmy G for Tannehill or Eli could help you do that this week.

Also if you drop Garoppolo, what are the chances you can pick him up again next week after renting one of the other QBs?



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