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QB luxury (Brees and Mahomes)- need to trade one for depth (1 Viewer)


I am in a keeper league (standard non-PPR) that we keep 4 players from season to season.  Brees has been my guy for years now but I drafted Mahomes as a backup later in our draft and Brees is riding my bench.  In our 12 team league there isn't a huge demand for a QB right now, especially one with as much age on him as Brees.  I am in need of an upgrade at WR (I have two solid  - Ertz and Diggs - and then one big "meh" with the rest of my WRs).  I've been shopping Brees but not getting many bites but have an interest in someone trading Amari Cooper straight up for Brees.  In most things I'd feel like a big "no way" on that but given the possible upside for Cooper now with Dallas and the fact that Brees probably won't be a keeper for me going forward with Mahomes...Thoughts?

If you are in the running this year I'd hang onto Brees as insurance, if not then the trade is ok.

I don’t think Jerry rice in his prime would help the cowboys passing game much.  Between the play calling and dak’s reluctance/inability to throw the ball downfield, this offense is not going to produce startable WR numbers this year.    Especially a new WR who has to learn playbook etc.

i would hold onto Brees if the best offer you can get is cooper.


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