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QB Strategy Question (1 Viewer)


I have a general QB strategy question.  I have Jimmy G as my QB and my opponent has Kittle and Breida on his team.  Am I doing myself wrong by throwing passes to players on my opponents team or does it really matter?  Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the waiver wire (Andrew Luck is my backup QB). Would it be worth it to pick up Fitzpatrick and start him over Jimmy?

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Hell yes....Play Fitzmagic because he is playing better. Until he falters he is the play and he has a great matchup.  As to the strategy part, the RB doesn't work against you unless he is a total pass catching RB machine but WR's and TE's do work against you but even so you probably should always play your best QB with the best matchup unless the opponent is totally stacked against you, then you can fade your QB.

Play your best players based on who you think will score you the most points.  Only really look at your opponent if you cannot decide about a couple players and need something to break the tie.  For example, if you have a boom/bust guy and are playing against someone that should beat you if all things go status quo then you need to play your higher upside guys because you need things to break your way.  If you should win based on status quo then play your higher floor guys with less risk because you should win if your guys hit their floors.


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