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Questions for The Drive Block (1 Viewer)

Couple questions for yinz guys1) This is probably a stupid questions, but is Terrell Owens sittable vs TB with no Romo? TO's production the last few weeks has me PO'd, but I dont know if I can pull the trigger and put him on my bench My only legit replacements are Bowe and apparently a now GTD Cotchery2) Since Saturday comes before Sunday, who do you like in the Penn St-Ohio State game this weekend? Also, outside of the obvious Beanie Wells and Laurinaitis, any prospective NFL starter material on either of these teams? PSU's soph DE Aaron Maybin looks like he could be one of the next very good 3-4 rush OLB, and I heard Mel Kiper V2.0 McShay is projecting Derrick Williams as a 2nd rounder, but that seems a couple rounds too high to me.
good questions!
Hey guys, love the show. I’m in a 12-team league (auction) and my team is one of the top 2 teams right now, so I’ll make the playoffs easily. However, I’m always looking to improve my team through trades and I’m contemplating a couple scenarios. Scoring is pretty standard, though it’s full PPR for WR’s and ½ PPR for RB’s. Also, starting lineups can be 2QB/2RB/2WR, 1QB/2RB/3WR, or 2QB/1RB/3WR – FYI.

Here’s my question(s). I’m thinking of trying to move Calvin Johnson and maybe (gulp) Barber. I’m happy with both guys, but for some reason, I’m getting the bug to move them. What about a CJ for MJD deal, or maybe Ronnie Brown, or even packaging CJ and another player and try to swing for LT? I might be able to get Portis for Barber, but that’s pretty much a wash. I also thought about trying to get ADP for Barber – as another option. BTW, I’m a little more inclined to move CJ than Barber, but I’m still not sure that’s the right move either. What do you guys think? Should I just sit tight with my guys? Sorry for the long post.


Here’s my team:

Brees, Drew NOS QB

Garrard, David JAC QB

Barber, Marion DAL RB

Grant, Ryan GBP RB

Rhodes, Dominic IND RB

Stecker, Aaron NOS RB

Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB

Taylor, Chester MIN RB

Avery, Donnie STL WR

Bryant, Antonio TBB WR

Johnson, Andre HOU WR

Johnson, Calvin DET WR

Marshall, Brandon DEN WR

Moore, Lance NOS WR

Daniels, Owen HOU TE

Carney, John NYG PK

Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def


A couple of questions based on a standard scoring redraft league.

Does Selvin Young have any value this year? Am I holding onto him with false loyalty, is the honeymoon over? Looks like it will be the Pittman show with flashes of Mr. Torain.

Jeff Garcia, is sitting out on our waiver wire. He has some nice match-ups the next few weeks. :thumbup: Will he be a top 15, maybe top 10 QB the rest of the way?


Great stuff.

Tree Shaker here with a trio of questions:

1) What are SJax's propects this week? I just saw this blurb: "St. Louis running back Steven Jackson missed his second straight day of practice on Thursday because of a strained right thigh muscle", so I'm officially worried now.

2) Staying on the injured RB theme, how "good to go" is FWP this week? If I have to sit SJax, I need a reliable starter. I do have MeMo on standby, but things aren't looking to good for me.

3) I need a good flex start this week, so should I go with Megatron and the slightly tougher matchup or Braylon Edwards (Marshall and Berrian on a bye this week hurts, too).

Thanks guys! I'll be in the chat room, if possible.

Can you guys discuss the dynasty prospects of Tom Brady...relating not only to this recent medical debacle, but also his level of performance next season (if he starts the year healthy) and beyond.

Where would you rank him dynasty-wise?

If another owner were interested in trading for him, what would be fair compensation at this point?


Hello again from the land of Crap...err Carp, Ontario where Dueling Banjos and Dance, Dance Revolution can both be heard together without any batting an eye.

On another note, is it me or does the new Metallica song sound REALLY REALLY good (or is that simply because I can remember listening to ONE 18 times in a row and it is burned into my skull?)

Ok, football.

What do you think of the matchup of the Saskatchewan's Michael Bishop facing Edmonton's Ricky Ray?...OOoops! Wrong league;)

Ok for real now.

I happen to be in a league where quarterbacks are valued heavily. Luckily for me, because of poor drafting position I decided to draft good RB's and simply use the WW for QB's. Here in week 8, I am 4-3 and my QB's are Delhomme, Fitzpatrick, Orlofsky and Russell (insert wretching noise). I have a standing offer from someone where he wants Fargas, Orlofsky and Kevin Curtis for Frerotte and Reggie Brown. I like Frerotte's schedule and he's an upgrade over Orlofsky, but I don't want to lose Curtis for someone hurt and clearly inferior like Brown.

Should I take this offer?

Second question, if I don't, I'd like to counter-offer by replacing Brown with 1 of his 3 other receivers (Bowe, Roy Williams or Donie Avery. Of those 3 receivers, who is the closest in value to Kevin Curtis based on the remaining schedule and who should I try and get?)

Thanks guys, I look forward to your show every week. I listen to it on my ipod while shearing sheep

War Ricky Williams sucking in the NFL....AND the CFL.

In terms of pure talent as a receiver, how does Marques Colston stack up with the rest of the WRs in the top 15 or so? How does he compare with other young studs like Marshall, Edwards, Jennings, Boldin, and Calvin Johnson? Colston has been in a great situation since his rookie year as the WR1 for a team with an elite QB that gets the chance to chuck the rock a ton. This makes me wonder if his success is much more situation than it is talent. For dynasty, if you are not so much a contender as you are a builder, is he a guy you should try to flip for another young elite WR if the opportunity presents itself?

I'm a big Colston fan and I do think he is very talented, but I'm concerned that he may not be an ideal WR1 for a dynasty squad.

Love the show guys. I got a couple questions again this week

How will the loss of Reggie Bush effect Drew Brees' numbers over the next few weeks?

How do you guys like the prospect of Lee Evans finishing as a top 10 WR in a PPR league?

Moving on to a strategy question. Do you think it is too early in the fantasy season to lose value while making a trade to address needs? For example, I'm loaded at RB with 4 guys who are statisically in the top 10 of RBs, but I'm very weak at WR in a 12 team start 3WR league. The only offers I am getting for RB1 type players are mid to lower level WR2 type players. So making a trade like this helps my starting lineup, but hurts my overall team talent level. Whats the move here?

Guys, how about some discussion on some of these topics

1. The #2 WR in Atlanta. Is it Michael Jenkins, Laurent Robinson or Harry Douglas?

2. Which Saints RB is the guy to have while Reggie Bush is out?

3. Thoughts on any changes in SF now that Mike Singletary is blowing the whistle? Is Martz a Singletary guy? Will Martz be there next year?

4. Calvin Johnson going forward - Was 2 recs for 154 a fluke? Are the pastures greener than just two catches a game? Honest expectations for CJ?

5. Jets WR David Clowney - any hope there at all that he platoons with Chansi Stuckey or is he a forgotten man?

6. Ryan Torain - we've heard the Terrell Davis comparisions. Just how much is his stock rising?

7. Jacksonville's WR situation - who benefits most when Matt Jones serves his 3-game suspension? Is the any hope for Jerry Porter or Reggie Williams? Dennis Northcutt?

In case I can't get to the party later on....

1. Josh Morgan or Mike Furrey going forward. Who's the guy to have out of these two suspects in non-PPR? Furrey's more polished, Morgan's more athletically gifted, but both are on teams that suck out loud. Your thoughts?

2. Given the dearth of production at TE this year, could Dez Clark actually warrant being viewed as a "starter"(someone to play matchups with, at least) in bigger, deeper leagues going forward? Seems that Orton looks to both guys in his TEBC pretty heavily(comparitively speaking). Olsen is the guy getting the most looks so far, but given that Dez is likely available on a lot of league's waiver wires, is his average of 3 for 30, with the potential to maybe get a few more catches any given week or a TD every once in a while, better than the other also-rans who may be true "starters" like Klopfenstein, Lewis, et al?

Clark still has the Lions, Rams, Jaguars and Packers twice on his schedule. None of them have proven to be that adept at stopping TEs so far. I may be crazy, but I think I'd rather be running him out there over those guys I mentioned or the likes of Jeramy Stevens, Ben Watson, Dante Rosario, etc. Your take?

3. "Did I hear it's sombody's BIRTHDAY?!!!??!!! K-K-K-YEA-YUH!!!"

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Hey guys...Jack Black old #7 loves your podcast. Listen to them while i'm running off some pounds.

I have questions 3 for you:

1) non ppr start 2 from: Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, Braylon Edwards, Kevin Curtis

2) ppr league start 4 (bench 2) from: Kevin Curtis, Owen Daniels, Wes Welker, Marques Colston (almost killed me last week), Greg Camarillo, Donnie Avery

3) What do you think of Ryan Grant as a dynasty prospect?

thanks for the advice...I'm sure to be enjoyin a tall glass of Jack & dominating this weekend.

PS who the hell decided to not have a sunday night game?

What are your expectations for Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall for the rest of the year? Both started the season hot, but seem to have cooled off over the past few weeks.

Two questions:

1. I know...I know everyone's favourite topic - kickers. But in a 12 team league that starts 2 kickers, they're important, and CAN make a difference contrary to what most people say - just look at Neil Rackers a couple years ago - he ended up winning many fantasy championships. Is Matt Prater clearly the #1 fantasy kicker this season? He was recently dropped in our league and I was wondering if he is a must pickup?

2. Your thoughts on Steve Breaston once Q returns?

1) And the "experts" said it was a down year for rookie WRs! Who do you like best going forward the rest of the season (ppr and non): eddie royal, deshean jackson, josh morgan, and donnie avery.

2) Who do you like as a defense this week? houston, washington, san francisco, buffalo, and jacksonville

3) do you like Warner over Big Ben this week? If J.T. O'Sullivan gets benched in a couple of weeks, as a Warner owner, would you pick up Leinart as insurance as QBs are getting scarce.

4) 16-player roster. I only have 3 WRS (start 2 wr, no flex league) : marshall, fitzgerald, and cotchery. Am I playing with fire by having little depth at the position?

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I play in a league that scores through the Superbowl. I currently have Eli Manning & Kerry Collins as my two QB's. I can use one roster move (WW pick-up) to shore up my qb position. My question is this. Which back-up would you grab ?

Vince Young or Matt Lienart ?

I realize that Vince Young would solidify the Titan QB slot, However, I also think Lienart could be golden with the Cards receivers if Warner were to get hurt or if his wife Brenda told him he couldn't go out and play anymore.

Who would you pick up based on the above ?


Craig in Denver.

Here's a couple of questions.

1. I've had success in fantasy football over the last five years or so by operating on a little discussed theory that NFL teams will increasingly run the ball more toward the end of the season when the weather gets bad. This year I went against the grain of my typical drafts and went in for the stud WR's first instead of the stud RB's and I've been rewarded for it so far. Do you think the stud WR will continue or will we see a shift to stud RB as we approach the fantasy football playoffs?

2. Is Matt Ryan for real and if so who do you compare him to if you had to roll the dice. Is Ryan a potential Peyton Manning starter kit?

3. Being a fan of the Broncos you have greater insight into their rivals than most. I have been wondering why both the Raiders and the Chiefs don't utilize quick RB's like Darren McFadden and Jamal Charles more as pass catching threats in the mold of Bush, LT, Marshall Faulk, etc... It seems to me that if you don't have an offensive line or enough receiving weapons that teams will just stack the line to stop the run and if you never throw the ball to the RB then they just tee off on the QB and RB. Your thoughts?

4. In one of my leagues I've got RB's of Westbrook, Slaton, Rhodes and both CAR RBs (Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams). I'm feeling a little roster blocked by the CAR RB's since I don't feel like I can play either one since if I choose, I'll probably guess wrong. I'm tempted to bail on both of them at this point and spread out the risk with short term value plays like Stecker, Benjarvis Green-Ellis and Ryan Torian. I'm currently in 3rd place at 4-3 behind two 5-2 teams in what is not a high dollar league but has turned out to be my league with the most sharks.

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QB Help.... Farve who almost blew my win last week Or Shaub in a great matchup?

On the same Note, Sammy morris saved me monday night, but what do think about BJGE!

Thanks Bags

Brandon Lloyd

I have been holding on to him waiting to get healthy.. even if he comes back after the bye, will he get the targets?

thanks for listening guys!
This week should be a good reason why the rant doesnt need to be the last part of Drive BlockPlus, the rant might even have more suspense if it comes outta nowhere Cecil. Think the Joker and the disappearing pencilThat said, good show as usual :bag:BTW: apparently NBC is airing 40 Year Old Virgin on sunday night primetime instead of football. I might watch it just to take a drink everytime they cut something out :lmao: ..hell, its better than the world series
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