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Week 17 2023 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL** (1 Viewer)

I’d like to take this moment to blame @Chaka for every poor roster choice, and thank myself for getting the others right. I couldn’t do it without me.

J/K - thanks for running this topic this season @Chaka - I hope you find a couple championships when you divine your various rosters. Always trust the process ❤️
Had a week of weeks, Nacua, Olave, Flowers, Breece, Njoku, etc. Everyone in my lineup put up nice points, but this week I face a powerhouse. My QB has become Browning, and I got a bad feeling of them at KC, KC either wakes up or its a boring game. Flacco, Mullens, Carr, Rudolph are best options. I kinda like Flacco the most, but Mullens vs GB at home aint bad. Who should I bid on? Can only get one of them. Or just roll with Browning? Not sure it matters really, dudes team is loaded. But why not me!
Rolled with Browning, it really didnt matter, won the playoffs by 50 pts. Team was 7-7 and a 6 seed in playoffs. Team just got red hot starting in wk 14 and didnt let up.

Hall, Saquon, J Cook, Jv Williams, Herbert, K MItchell, Allegier
Olave, Nacua, Flowers, Addison, Doubs, D Douglas
Njoku, Mayer, Kraft
Team looks set up for the next couple years. Might entertain options at QB via trades, or a pick in rookie draft. Herbert seems stuck.

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