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***Raiders vs. Broncos*** (1 Viewer)

Lindsay is definitely part of the team offense moving forward. A couple of early carries.

I have no idea if Lindsay can regularly pick up tough yardage and hold up to being their starting rb, but he should be given the opportunity.

Patrick with TD catch while DT is out - but under review. the kind of review that may take a couple of days

Everyone in booth and Serratore in NY said good - call is now incomplete

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DT back in takes the ball to the 1

Freeman finishes the drive of carry from the 1

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No clue what is or isn't a catch now. Should have kept the rule as is. Thank you Chris Collinsworth.

Did McManus miss the XP ? Singlehandedly possibly costing me my matchup this week by failing to outscore Zuerlein who hasn’t even taken a kick  :rant:

Am I losing my mind?  Did RFreeman score from the 1?  I can’t rewind RedZone & don’t see any proof that it actually happened or was called back.   

He did.  TD pass to Patrick was overturned, then pass to DT got it to the 1 then Freeman ran it in.

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lol at the refs. Ok, the ref made a bad call on a close play. That's not a huge deal. That's why they have replay. Or should be at least. Instead they use the replay to cover for the bad call and uphold it. Awful.

Raiders get a solid 5 yards on 1st down, and then handoff to Doug Martin for some reason, then a 3 yard slant on 3rd and 8.  Too worried about the clock instead of getting a 1st down.

Ah, forgot about the false start mixed in there.

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