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Rams vs Seahawks - Week 5 (1 Viewer)

Just in time for the stop on 3rd and goal. Bad news is I pulled into a Steeler bar on the East Side, surrounded by drunk black and gold.

That looked terrible.  Ugh.  Glad he’s upright and walking off.

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Hawks running game starting to pick up, whether from play design or the Rams D wearing down a little. Rams D don't look as quick side to side and both Carson and Davis are finding holes and making more out of their yards by keeping their legs churning.

David Moore, TD. 

O-line held, giving Wilson time and Wilson doing a good job coming out of the pocket to the weak/more open side of the line to give himself and Davis a shot to make a play.

Rams struggling in the redzone today, and running a bit of a delay run on 1st and goal at the 2 is baffling. Hawks D in the backfield almost before the hand off.

Rams with a TO to try and get this right. 

Rams got the job done on the TD, but that was more on Gurley in terms of the patience to bounce left across the line and around a nicely sealed end for the TD.

Seahawks now driving - again, Carson and Davis looking really solid running the ball. Both with good vision, great patience of their own, and fighting for extra yards.

Wow, Robert Woods with a really nice play and run -- Woods off the jet sweep moving left to right froze the D, and incredible additional effort downfield to break tackles and elude/split defenders for a huge gain.

They just showed the Kupp head shot. He got thrown to the ground and his head hit first. Hard to tell if he’ll be back. Don’t see him on the field on this drive.


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