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$60, PPR, Superflex, 10 Teams. Drew the 6th spot

QB : Josh Allen (1)
RB: Najee Harris (4)
RB: Aaron Jones (5)
WR: Tyreek Hill (2)
WR: Amon-Ra St. Brown (3)
WR: Chris Godwin (9)
TE: TJ. Hockenson (6)
Flex: Dameon Pierce (7)
OP: Stafford (10)
K and DST empty atm

Bench: JK Dobbins (8), Khalil Herbert (12), Raheem Mostert (16), De'Von Achane (14), Skyy Moore (13), Rashee Rice (15), DVP (19-auto), Isaiah Hodgins (20), Curtis Samuel (21), Bryce Young (11), Baker Mayfield (17), Trey Lance (18)

gambled a little too long on qb2 i think so some dart throws late in draft. maybe should have took another qb instead of pierce or dobbins. otherwise i like it for some early value before preseason games start. fairly balanced. no top-tier elite rb though
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It's much nicer if you list a draft in the order you picked players in rather than a theoretical starting lineup. It took me a while to work out who the hell you took in the first. Always nice when you're playing in a league with multiple idiots and I congratulate you on your playoff berth
i edited to put round drafted in in parenthesis. thanks i guess. i don't know if everyone is an idiot. superflex so value can be had in spots as qbs fly. i feel it bit me at qb2 as i got greedy. at the cost of either pierce or dobbins i coulda had a tua/cousins/geno. i'd feel a lot better about my qb2 spot if i had one of them. a couple teams i like better than mine
Solid team. Stafford should bounce back & I like that you have B Young as well. Think he has a good rookie season.
Seems like from what you've said that the entirety of the league is undervaluing QB worth to some degree, given the values you got from when you took yours and who you said was available when you took your RB 3/4. Seems hugely exploitable

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