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6 PT TDs NON PPR (12 Teams)

QB - DeShaun Watson

RB - Melvin Gordan

RB - Christian McCaffery

WR - DeAndre Hopkins

WR - Doug Baldwin

Flex - Robert Woods or ?

TE - Trey Burton

K - Matt Bryant

DEF - Houston


QB - Derek Carr

RB - Kerryon Johnson

RB - Sony Michel

RB - Jamaal Williams

WR - Julian Edelman

WR - Kenny Golladay

WR - DJ Moore

I'd like it better if it were a ppr league. Three of your RB's would be great to have in PPR but have other guys on their teams that will probably get the goal line work, CMC, Kerryon and Sony.

very thin at RB, would drop Carr to roster another RB. like the watson/hopkins pairing

see mine please https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/769331-tough-keeper-call-whir-10056/


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