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Ravens Draft (1 Viewer)


Here's my assessment of where the Ravens stand (which I think should be relatively non-controversial):Defense: Among the best in the league (5th best YPG). Particularly good considering how lousy the offense was.Offense: Among the worst in the league (24th in YPG).QB: Boller (looks like he might be emerging; can't give up on him)RB: Lewis and Taylor are both FAs and neither was particularly effectiveREC: Mason and Heap (both borderline studs), Clayton (emerging)OL: ?? (Can't evaluate without studying game film)Therefore, it seems like the analysis is simple. If you think that the reason that RBs stunk was because the OL stunk, get help on the OL. If you think the OL is OK or at least improving, get a decent RB. If you decide that your need is at RB, aren't you the ideal team to try to trade up for Reggie Bush? If you don't want to take that gamble, how about the top RB available at 13, Williams (probably not), White or Maroney?All 4 of the mock drafts I've looked at (3 FBG and Kiper) show BAL going defense (2 different DLs and 2 different DBs). I don't understand it.I know that a team can choose to address a need through FA rather than the draft, but it seems that "stud RB" is the easiest position to fill in the draft and that the available FA RBs will either be very expensive or questionable.

Boller emerging? How many times can they say that before it bites them?If I were them, I'd consider the QBs on market and if one's better than Boller well then I'd make the change.I like Taylor alot. If I had to bet on a 2005 backup to become a 1000 yard back in 2006, I'd put my money on him.Lewis has a ton of baggage. The Ravens have been very forgiving and patient with him. I would imagine they will offer a sweeter deal than any other team will.


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