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Ravens vs Titans - Week 6 (1 Viewer)

I thought it looked like a stinger in his neck/shoulder but they’re obviously treating it more seriously than that

Evans is a good player and it’s nice to see his youthful energy in this horrific slogfest of a second half 

Zadarius is in his contract year. Gonna get overpaid like past Ravens Adalius Thomas and Pernell McPhee

Another impressive late performance by Finch. Again, more about holding his ground and redirecting the runner. He MUST play more

Excellent game by Austin Johnson. First time in like a decade they weren't easy to run up the middle against. 

Quick look at twitter, it seems most of the sacks came against the blocking TE (who stinks, thanks to cuts, we had talent there!) or the T helping because the blocking TE whiffed. Mariota brought at least two on himself by running right into them when he had a nice pocket. He absorbed so many, it's probably reasonable to have happy feet. 

Firkser had a couple nice catches with a defender on him. He looked that good this summer. Why'd we cut him?

Butler is shot. Lots of CBs are done when they lose their confidence so they're going to have to do something to build his up and get him rolling. So many times his effort just involved pushing the WR, not recovering or making a play.

Rashaan made a few plays and rarely looked lost. It's progress. After being such a beast, I'm a little worried of how they treat him in the film room. Let him grow and be careful with his confidence.

I saw one bad play by Adoree, that's it. Ryan was great. I'm starting to wonder how low his yards allowed is.

Ravens OL did a nice job on Casey. First time anyone did this year really.

Flacco has an awful lot of spinning and fancy footwork plays that I never saw before. I think that's Lamar's presence. I'm not sure if that's a good thing he's doing that. He did very well staying within himself today and looked super comfortable.

Titans keep getting burned by the nickel D with two LBs over the middle, stuck covering WRs. Trying Bates there isn't the answer, ditching that zone is the answer. Kudos to Flacco for continuing to pick on that. Pees should have adjusted but he hasn't all year. I'm not "buying" that that's a player's execution issue.


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