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Referees usually take a lot of heat... (1 Viewer)

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I can't remember seeing a game with (a) so many calls made, and (b) made right.

If we can rip them when they screw up, we should at least recognize when they do a good job.

That first review was so brutal and blatant... someone should be fired over it.

Cost the 49ers a first down within FG range.

My friend and I watched this game pretty closely. Every other flag was thrown and then picked up. The PI on Boldin was a total blown call. Even the MNF announcers were commenting about the officiating. There really seemed like some problems with this crew tonight. The one bright spot was the down by contact on Gore at the end which was a good call.

I'd be willing to bet the refs were just glad to get out of that game.

There were a TON of borderline calls to be made and they don't have the luxury of DVR to slow it down and watch it in slow-mo after the fact. I'm amazed they got the Justin Smith phantom horse collar/facemask/eventual pulled flag right. How did they get that right? Just the way Hightower moved when tackled it was so hard to see it from either side, but they got it right.

Anyone that complains about refs should do it sometime for a kids rec team...it's not easy. Understand you've got two eyes trying to catch anything that happens...while standing over you millions of people looking trying to catch the same things. Sometimes you simply miss things.

I think that in general terms the ref are doing a fantastic job....again, in general terms. Every year there are a few high profile blown calls that potentially (and in at least one case this year) change the outcome of games. UNless we want to slow the game down and use cameras and twice the officials every play, that will continue to happen.

I do think the rules commitee and Perreria have really screwed things up though.

The new facemask guidelines are lousy. In theory, they were supposed to let the inadvertant facemask go this year, but instead we're seeing 15 yd. penalties on every one. It might take 2 years for the refs to become consistant on this one.

The personal foul on QB's are another that's gotten out of hand. Generally speaking, your head will always be the farthest forward part of your body when your hustling full speed. Put a blocker on you and leverage dictates that this is the ONLY way to move forward....simple physics. Good form tackles will sometimes result in mild helmet to helmet contact...it's INEVITABLE. Lineman/backers jumping to blck a pass will have their arms brush a QB's helmet...it's inevitable. 15 yd penalties for even the slightest of contacts is ruining the game.

The refs are being asked to call fouls, and have been generally consistant, but some of the guidelines they're being asked to use are ridiculous.

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