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Ref's 2022 12 Teamer Draft Thread..... (1 Viewer)

@Sweet Love you are OTC.

Team sniffer:

QB - Burrow, Carr

RB - Najee Harris, DeAndre Swift, Darrel Henderson

WR - Keenan Allen, Michael Pittman, Courtland Sutton, Skyy Moore, Treylon Burks, Kenny Golladay

TE - Ertz, Higbee

K - Bass & Hopkins

Def - Colts


11.09 Justin Fields, QB20 - One QB that is extremely solid and prone to some big games. And then I get Fields who may not ever be called consistent but should have some big scoring weeks. Barring injury I will be disappointed if my QB duo places outside of top 3 cumulative QB scoring for the season.

12.04 Robert Tonyan, TE20 - has a great QB, should  get significant targets, and significant red zone targets. Now hope for a return to healthy status. 
13.09 Marquez Valdez-Scantling, WR58 - Sure see glimpses of NFL talent, let's see if a new offense and QB can bring it out of him more consistently. 

14.04 New England Patriots, DEF6 - Belichek defenses seem to always be there in the end. Was expecting more of a defense team run after this, turned out to be more of a kicker run 

15.09 Brandon McManus, PK6 - got a guy that should hold on to his job.

16.04 Nico Collins, WR65 - I like him as a potential candidate for a year 2 breakout.

17.09 Cleveland Browns, DEF18 - thinking they should out perform defense #18

18.04 Matt Prater, PK13 - another guy that hopefully hold on to his job for 17 games.

Damn....went Gainwell figure one of the five WRs I was targetting would make it back to me.  You guys took all five in a row.

@Crippler Like the Allgeir pick. I had looked at him for a couple rounds and kept waiting for too long. Trying to get a good feel of where I can comfortably get him regularly in my rookie drafts.

Just something in the eye test for me that think his talent is going to translate well to the NFL. His location should offer a good opportunity, I just hope the lack of overall talent around him in ATL can be supportive enough though.

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Basically done

QB. Rodgers, Lance, Goff, Lock. Have my reliable guy, my high upside guy, my #2 guy and my wild card. Pretty happy. Lock was a luxury pick in 24th round but has most upside and want good QB score after last years debacle hurt

RB. Barkley, Elliott, Hall, Michel, Williams, Algeirer. I like this group also. Think I can get 2 good scores per week. Really like Sony in Miami or 1 of the Atl guys to surprise. Might provide me my flex score each week also

WR. Jefferson, McLuarin, Smith Schuster, Hardman, Wilson, Edwards, Beckham.I like my starting 3. Top 2 are top notch and think hit on 1 of the KC twosome most weeks. The rest are all interesting. Will have to wait on Odell but he could be huge down the stretch. Might even get flex score out of this 2nd group every once in a while as Wilson, Edwards both have opportunity 

TE. Friermuth, Fant. Nothing special but felt TE was the #5 positiobn of importance out of 6 position in this format. Wont put me over the top but should keep me afloat. 3rd probably smart over 4th QB but Lock felt like more chance on value than Greg Dulchich

PK. I will have 2. Lutz was guy I would have taken way before a lot of guys taken, so works out. 2nd guy coming in 25th. Will it be rollof dice or just steady vet. Either way for amount of resources, going to get job done and will be happy

D. Rams, Broncos, Packers, Lions. Loaded up even more this year. I want D as my flex starter each week. Top 100 scorers. 29 QB, 22 RB, 20 D, 28 WR, 4 TE, 0 PK. Consider you start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1D, they become flexible very easily. #31 D = #36 RB, #47 WR. So really #19 flex better than #12 flex and #11 flex. Give me D as my flex and hope out of my 8 backup RB and WR to find 1. 

really like what I have assembled here on paper. Got sniped a few times on players but nothing too bad. Dobbins was a want but could have taken and went floor. Irv Smith I wanted but taken few picks in front. Probably get Jefferson if picking 7-8 but did I like Jefferson-Barkley or CMC-Evans and like first duo. Pretty good on list for my 22 second draft average during this event. 

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Team Old Milwaukee:

1.01 1 Taylor, Jonathan IND RB   Duh?

2.12 24 Schultz, Dalton DAL TE    Get’s better every year!

3.01  25  Kittle, George SFO TE       Lock up the position,  no need to address further.

4.12  48  Etienne, Travis JAC RB     My most important pick of the draft.   I believe in him!

5.01  49  Waddle, Jaylen MIA WR   WR19.  Also a pivotal pick!   Was WR 16 last year.    This year with Hill he is sure to lose catches.   Or is he?

6.12  72  St.Brown , Amon-Ra DET WR   WR32.   Was WR22 last year.   Williams should eat into that a little when he see’s the field.

7.01  73  Lockett, Tyler SEA WR    Needed a steady veteran.    Might have reached.   I like the guy.

8.12  96  Watson, Deshaun CLE QB   Some one had to take the chance.   With these deep rosters…….sign me up

9.01  97  Claypool, Chase PIT WR   Another steady receiver for the squad.  

10.12  120  Gordon, Melvin DEN RB  Great value here for me.   Might have to use his floor once in a while.

11.01  121  Ryan, Matt IND QB   Will have a couple games for me.  More if Watsons out.

12.12  144  Crowder, Jamison BUF WR    Could put up Beasley 2020 numbers.

13.01  145  Jones, Ronald KCC RB   Something to prove?   Unsure on this one.

14.12  168  Williams, Jameson DET WR (Q)   Most talented rookie.    Will be valuable if I survive to the 2nd half of the season.  St. Brown insurance.

15.01  169  Hines, Nyheim IND RB    Good value.   Increase talk of using him more.

16.12  192  Dolphins, Miami MIA Def   #3 last year.   Can’t believe I got them at #12

17.01  193  Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def  I think the defense has been addressed.   Ascending!

18.12  216  Blankenship, Rodrigo IND PK  ok

19.01  217  Shepard, Sterling NYG WR  Looking for him to bounce back from last year.

20.12  240  Trubisky, Mitchell PIT QB   Bad pick or bad coaching?   I have high expectations!   Buying were I can.

21.01  241  Brate, Cameron TBB TE   So much for being set at the position.   Bye weeks…..

22.12  264  Joseph, Greg MIN PK   ok

23.01  265  Campbell, Parris IND WR   Last year of contract.   Needs to stay on the field.

24.12  288  Howard, O.J. BUF TE    You all are letting Bills slide.   Shame on you!

25.01  289  Moss, Zack BUF RB    Hurt last year.   See above.

Watson, Ryan, Trubinsky

Taylor, Etienne, Gordon,  Jones,  Hines, Moss

Waddle, St.Brown,  Lockett,  Claypool,  Crowder,  Williams, Shepard,  Campbell

Kittle, Schultz,  Brate,  Howard

2 ok kickers

2 very good defenses

I think I nailed it, this is your team to beat.      But flame away! 

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1.02 Kupp, Cooper LAR WR1
2.11 Fournette, Leonard TBB RB11 
3.02 Conner, James ARI RB12 
4.11 Thomas, Michael NOS WR18
5.02 Davis, Gabriel BUF WR20
6.11 Brady, Tom TBB QB6 
7.02 Murray, Kyler ARI QB7 
8.11 Gallup, Michael DAL WR42
9.02 Patterson, Cordarrelle ATL RB31

10.11    Gronkowski, Rob TBB TE17
With 16 TE’s gone and they get a 0.25 bump here per reception, probably time to get on board. Gronk was a target from the get go and could be a steal at TE17 as he could easily finish as TE7 or above like he did last year. Kind of strategy that nets you a few points on the field over the course of the draft/season that could end up being a difference maker if he outscores 10 or so guys taken ahead of him. Didn’t really consider anything else here.

11.02    Engram, Evan JAC TE18
Like the move to JAC and a fresh start for Engram with Pederson and Lawrence.  Not overly impressed with the JAC receiving core even with the guys they brought in to be honest.  Engram is athletic and Lawrence may look to him.  Back to back TE’s here made sense as I didn’t love anything else. Sniffed Everett here and hope I made the right call.  

12.11    Njoku, David CLE TE22
Three TE’s in a row for me. We can start up to three so what the heck.  Opinions on Njoku seem to be all over the map, but CLE dumped the franchise tag on him and is looking to sign him to a long term deal so hopefully he is in their offensive plans. I have never loved Cooper and after him, Njoku may be the next best receiving option when they do throw. Would have taken Everett if he had fallen a few more spots.

13.02    Moore, Rondale ARI WR56
Plan was to take Rojo here, but Old Mil sniped me.  Probably should have went Rojo and then Njoku on the way back. Moore stacks with Murray and should get more PT with the happenings in ARZ.  Didn’t really think about much else here. 

14.11    Pierce, Dameon HOU RB45
After losing out on Rojo, did a little digging and came up with this dart throw. I think Mills keeps HOU a little more competitive than people think and maybe the rook jumps Burkhead and Mack and becomes the primary.  I mean they might as well see what they got and those other two don’t exactly put lead in your pencil.

15.02    Butker, Harrison KCC PK4

16.11    Landry, Jarvis NOS WR68
At the time of this pick was still a FA. In PDSL I took Fuller who is still unsigned (took him later here as well as you will see below).  Sometimes in drafts with quality owners, you have to look for little nuggets and gobble them up when you can.  Landry and Fuller were those nuggets for me this spring. Maggot Brain took Landry in the 7th round in a 16 teamer at 112.  I got Landry here at 191.  He later signs with NOS… I feel he should have outperformed WR68 no matter where he ended up, and I just felt, like I do about Fuller, that they will end up somewhere. I had been trout looking Landry for a while so glad he made it back down to the end of this even round. Easy pick here (for me), no other options. 

17.02    Chargers, Los Angeles LAC Def14
Like seeing DST affect the draft in leagues a little more than usual.  The scoring and ability to start two shakes things up a little.  Time to get one as a long way back.  With Mack in town and other signings on defense, LAC should produce even in a tough division.

18.11    White, James NEP RB51
The hoodie loves him, not much else to say. Bolden gone, rookie in, we will see. Usually can have some nice PPR games and we still get 0.75.

19.02    Folk, Nick NEP PK16
Old but PK2 on the season last year and expect the NE game plan to be about the same, which means defense and FG’s.  At PK16, sign me up. Can start two, could be some weeks where both my PK’s post a useable score so nice having two elite options.

20.11    Raiders, Las Vegas LVR Def27
Think they will be better than DST27 under McDaniels. That is all I got.

21.02    Spiller, Isaiah LAC RB58
Should assume RB2 role quickly.  Ekeler gets dinged on occasion.  Some really like this kid, I don’t know much but like his landing spot and chances of leapfrogging everybody in front of him except Ekeler.

22.11    Fuller, Will FA WR84
Nugget #2.  Just waiting for the ink to hit paper.  Could be a steal, no matter what, let alone in a juicy spot.

23.02    Washington, James DAL WR86
Cedric Wilson finished as WR46 last year as the #3 in DAL, ahead of guys like Hardman, Moore, E., Anderson, Landry, Beckham, Gabriel Davis, etc….Wilson is gone, insert James Washington, remove Cooper. And Gallup (who I drafted here) may not be healthy to start the season.  Smash spot and pick for me here.  They drafted Tolbert, but Washington in line to be at worst the #3, with a real chance to start season as #2 and provide some insurance for my Gallup pick.  Had some moments with an aging Ben and then got kind of buried on the depth chart in PIT, but can sometimes post a few scores on few targets.  Solid pick for my team here, hopefully things don’t change much roster wise.

24.11    Green, A.J. ARI WR94
Debated for a while how to handle my last two picks here at the turn. Leaned stacking Green as he was resigned to a one year deal and should see ample PT.  I’m not being greedy, just hope father time lets him post a couple scores for me. Debated Green over another WR that hasn’t been drafted yet, so won’t drop names.  Also was deciding between a third QB and a 4th TE.  Green won out.

25.02    Woods, Jelani IND TE36
Could have gone a few directions here but passed on a third QB and just hope my investement in two top guys at QB pays off.  Thought about a 10th WR bullet, but liked the makeup I already had.  Debated 2 other TE’s here but I’ll take the freak with Matt Ryan at QB. Shooting for upside here and hoping the 6’7” former QB athletic freak develops a role in the offense, at least in the red zone and maybe post some scores.  4th TE a little insurance in case Gronk wants to party. 

Overall….meh….will do another summary by position later, and maybe some other observations on things I noted during the draft, but these were my individual thoughts as the picks happened….really appreciate everybody participating….sorry for my occasional delays, I usually think about every pick quite a bit, so not a big pre drafter…like going deeper into the player pool with these….should be fun…  :banned:

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Some of my favorite picks by not me / guys I was eyeing but didn't get

1.06 Christian McCaffrey - one of the most likely players to finish #1 overall
9.02 Cordarrelle Patterson - could get plenty of carries + receptions
14.11 Dameon Pierce - real shot to be the lead back, available late
19.04 Tyler Allgeier - same
21.02 Isaiah Spiller - likely committee back + handcuff
21.06 Gus Edwards - ditto

7.09 Elijah Moore - pretty great rookie year, especially down the stretch before his injury
19.07 Van Jefferson - should have a real role in that offense, with a good number of big plays
21.05 Marvin Jones - he was close to the same guy as always last year, rd21 is ridiculously late for that

10.11 Gronk - great shot to be a top 5 TE, or at least close to it, despite retirement risk
13.05 Higbee - last of the solid TE1ish guys

8.02 Jalen Hurts - good fantasy QB last year and his weapons keep getting better
17.04 Jared Goff - last of the safe starting QBs

23.03 Atlanta Falcons - Just putting them here because they were the last to go. Great to get a player that scores this much in round 23.


If I had a different draft slot, or these guys had fallen a little farther, or my positional needs had been different at different parts of the draft, or [other player I like] hadn't also been available, I could have easily ended up with a bunch of these guys.

My squad

5.10 Patrick Mahomes KC
11.10 Trevor Lawrence JAC
Default plan was to get 3 mid-rounders. But I liked Mahomes in late rd5, and didn't love any of the options at other positions, which opened the door to just getting 2. Lawrence is a great fit for that 2nd spot with a very secure hold on that starting job, and a chance to play much better in yr2, plus I already had Kirk to stack with him. Might've added Goff late if things had played out differently.

1.10 Joe Mixon CIN
3.10 Javonte Williams DEN
4.03 Cam Akers LAR
12.03 Rashaad Penny SEA
21.10 Khalil Herbert CHI
Went RB-heavy early, then rounded out my 5 later. Penny is likely at least a committee back and has a real shot to be the man in Seattle, given how he played down the stretch & Carroll's demonstrated willingness to let a highly drafted rookie RB sit. Herbert has both committee value & handcuff value.

2.03 Stefon Diggs BUF
6.03 Marquise Brown ARI
7.10 Adam Thielen MIN
8.03 Drake London ATL
9.10 Christian Kirk JAC
10.03 Chris Olave NO
13.10 Tyler Boyd CIN
15.10 Kadarius Toney NYG
17.10 Jahan Dotson WAS
After going RB-heavy early, I hit this position hard beginning in round 6, and just kept hitting it. London, Olave, & Dotson are all highly-drafted rookies, who are likely to be on the field and also come with upside. Boyd is kind of the opposite, a high-floor low-ceiling guy of the sort that I'm not that excited about in best ball, but rd13 was late enough to like his talent & he does have some upside if either Chase or Higgins misses team. I was trying to decide between him, Jameson Williams, and Kadarius Toney in rd13, and was scared off by Williams's injury & the Toney chatter (new coaching staff, talk of trading him, drafting a similar player in Wan'Dale). 2 rounds later I was willing to take the plunge on Toney. I'm generally somewhat wary of WRs who have shown signs of decline & WRs who have buzz from changing teams, but people I trust are high enough on Thielen & Kirk for me to take them when I did; not sure if I like those picks in hindsight.

16.03 Hayden Hurst CIN
18.03 Brevin Jordan HOU
23.10 Adam Trautman NO
I punted on this position. Was somewhat close to pulling the trigger on Andrews, Gronk, or Higbee earlier, but generally didn't like the TE values with only a +0.25 PPR premium. I don't really mind being weak at TE & making it up at the flex, which is how best ball guy James Brimacombe usually does it. Hurst is looking like the Uzomah replacement for the Bengals, and will be a good value here if he can just duplicate his ATL 2020 season or Uzomah's past couple seasons. Jordan seems likely to be Houston's main receiving TE, and has some upside as a 2nd year player. Trautman came after things had really thinned out at every position, and should at least be on the field regularly.

14.03 Tampa Bay Bucs TB
19.10 Carolina Panthers CAR
20.03 Chicago Bears CHI
22.03 Seattle Seahawks SEA
Got 4, including a good one. Hoping to get a lot of flex starts out of this position, and some big games. I had Tampa as a top 2 defense and got them at #5; wouldn't have gone defense there except I'd just talked myself out of the top 2 WRs on my board and wasn't that thrilled with the other options.

24.03 Cairo Santos CHI
25.10 TBD
I'm not gonna pay a lot for this kicker!

I'm strongest at WR, DEF, and RB, with both quality & quantity, which should cover 8 of my 11 starters. Mahomes at QB with a Lawrence backup, and then just trying to squeak by for cheap at TE & PK.

Team rzrback77 report

I typically use previous year stats, combined with some hand-wave adjustments due to change through free agency and the draft to prepare for these early survivor drafts. I guess that this league is not even a survivor, but I approached it similar to the survivors. I always constantly refer back to the website here to compare team and individual stats, depth charts, early projections and such. Well, at some point in this draft, several features were made unavailable. I had not yet purchased my early bird for 2022 and evidently that ended well earlier than in previous years and I lost access. When I lost the access, I attempted to purchase the early bird and evidently that period has passed, even though it seems like in previous years, it was in place until mid-June. Anyway, my positional ranks in this report came from Mike Clay, since I can no longer witness this site's projections or staff rankings.

QBs - I waited too late in the first survivor draft and since I was near the turn, chose to draft QBs earlier than I normally do. I took both Prescott and Hurts at the 7/8 turn. They were drafted as QB10 (Prescott) and QB11 (Hurts). I thought that seemed like nice value, but was surprised to see Clay rank than as QB4 and QB5, with Hurts on top. I considered going with only these two, but when Zach Wilson dropped so low, I took him as QB25, taken at #155 overall. I like the Jets to be a team on the upswing and like Wilson to finish closer to top 15 than QB25. I like my QB group and expect to be in the upper third of the league in scoring.

RB - I overspent at RB in the first survivor and drastically over-adjusted here. I do think a strategy focusing on the WR/TE early is better than going heavy at RB, but again I likely overdid this in the early going. I waited late early, but did not draft value much. I do like my last three to outperform expectation, but they are all very low ranking, so that value may not be much benefit. Montgomery drafted as RB18 with Clay rank of RB14, however I am not a fan of the Bear's offense so I am not sure I trust Clay on this one. Edmonds RB34/RB34 and he may drop further with the Fish adding Michel. Stevenson RB39/RB39 I do like at that spot. Likewise Jamal Williams RB49/RB42 is a solid pick and Mack at RB22/RB43, shows as value by Clay. My last pick is Ingram and although he is getting older, he is still viable and with the situation for Kamara and the potential of him missing games, I like adding Ingram. Overall I see my RB group as easily bottom half and maybe bottom fourth.

WR - As I stated during the draft, I really like my top four WRs, Deebo Samuel, Diontae Johnson, Cooks and A. Robinson. As far as value, Clay sees them much differently than me. Samuel WR5/WR4 is likely based on him continuing to get a lot of running back carries and I am not sure this will be the case. Johnson WR13/WR19, sees his lower rank based on QB, but I think that he will be heavily targeted and like him near top 12. Cooks is a bargain, if he stays healthy at WR26/WR18 and I am a big fan of Allen Robinson and see his desire and production increase with a viable QB, WR28/WR36. I could see him finish in the top 24. With those four in hand, I focused elsewhere, but added four additional players between WR64 and WR94. Meyers went WR64/WR46 (major Clay value), Palmer WR88/WR71) another value and a deep target, Metchie WR90/WR63, but he may miss part of the early season, and Westbrook-Ikhine, my last pick who might should have been a third TE.

TE - Kelce is a target monster and this season there is no Tyreek Hill, so I see him as the obvious top TE. You guys know that I am a UA Alum and a huge Hunter Henry fan, so I like these two. I disagree that TE scoring here is depressed and not a preferred position. They still get 1.33 more per catch than the WRs and to me, the disparity between the top tier TE is much greater than the WR position. I got them both at appropriate spots, without value though. Kelce TE1/TE1 and Henry TE13/TE12. Considered Conklin with my last pick.

PK - This position is always overlooked in drafts and most of the time appropriately overlooked. But, here where you can't add FA during the season, AND you can flex them, AND you have 25 roster spots, I like to have three. Kicker's jobs are more up in the air lately, so I wanted my top two to be unlikely to be dropped. All three of these guys are on teams where the offense is expected to improve. I like my investment, taking Tucker at PK1, Carlson last year's PK1 at PK7 and Sanders at PK18.

DST - I got the top defense from 2021 and added the Bengals and Jaguars late. The Jags' team should be much better than last year's disaster and they have decent edge rushers. The Bengals offense helps their defense. 

Overall, I like this team and for sure better than the PDSL team. RB is definitely the weak spot, but with so much variety in the flex, all I need is two scores from six players, so maybe that deficiency can be hidden.

Thanks to all for the continuing comments and please feel free to critique (or attack) my team and my strategy.

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QB - Herbert, Mills, Tannehill, Baker

I really should have gone with my initial 25th pick (Greg Z) but the draw of making Baker Mr irrelevant was too strong to pass up. That’s a mistake, as it’s really unlikely that he’ll help this year. 

RB - dalvin cook, Foreman, D Harris, HH, JJ, James Robinson

 i like this crew a lot, probably could have afforded to grab a third defense or kicker instead of foreman. HH might not do anything but the 👑 isn’t guaranteed to stay healthy.  

WR - AJ brown, Doubs, gage, Hamler, Nuk, Mooney, woods

The main question here will be health. But if they stay healthy, this should be a strong group. I look for Hamler to be a key beneficiary of Russell. 

TE - hooper, pitts, Kmet, jonnu

i agree with @rzrback77, the scoring might be a little less here but it’s still a benefit. Pitts should continue to impress, Kmet should score more TDs than last year (can’t score less!) and Hooper could be their second most targeted receiver. 

K - Crosby, Gay

Really should have taken Z here.  

Def - Cardinals, Giants

i knew, but overlooked, that defense could flex. Went with a decent duo. 

overall, it seems likely that I’ll end up at the bottom again. Let’s go for the repeat! 

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