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Rich Scanlon Chiefs LB (1 Viewer)


This was in another thread


Comments from Vermeil

Scanlon’s success has had many comparing him to another former Chiefs linebacker who parlayed European success into a Chiefs starting job, Mike Maslowski, who excelled for the Barcelona Dragons in 1999, and it is anticipated that Scanlon will be in the mix to start alongside or instead of Maslowski for Kansas City when the NFL season kicks off in September. Indeed, his production and leadership skills have attracted the attention of Kansas City head coach **** Vermeil, who has been pleased with his player’s performance in Europe.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the NFL Europe Defensive Player of the Year,” says Vermeil. “He has put himself in the picture for the Chiefs"


According to KCChiefs.com Carl Peterson went to see him play in the World Bowl. He's quoted as saying something like "there's no doubt he'll make the team it's just whether or not he starts"

Another article Vermeil says something like he needed to learn to "get small" and shed his tacklers better, he's always had a nose for the ball.

Any thoughts from you IDP folks on him?

I caught a few mins of action this past weekend and the announcers said that Scanlon had more solo tackles than anyone else in the league had combined. Also, Scanlon led his team in tackles every single week during the season.

A great story to be sure, but as it stands now I can't see a spot opening up for Scanlon anytime soon.Bell, Mitchell, Barber, Fujita, Maslowski and Derrick Johnson all stand in his way. That's a pretty formidable group to beat out. Does he make the team? Based on the above comments, probably. I can't see him starting any time soon, unless the injury bug hits Kansas City in a BIG way. Don't hold your breath here :D

Mario,not to nitpick, just to use you as an example if ya don't mind. Don't you think it's wrong to consider the Chiefs starters secure in their jobs after their defensive performance last year? I see talent too but not results. I'm thinking injecting a hustler might just be what they need to feed off of. It's hard to come up with reasons why they were as bad as they were.

Mario, not to nitpick a little more, but the Chiefs do have major injury concerns at LB. Barber will more than likely start training camp on the PUP list. Maslowski missed all of last season with a knee injury and only played in 10 games in 2003. He is running now, but I do not believe he has been cleared to practice yet, Fujita is coming off an ankle injury, and there are also some concerns for Bell.I think this kid Scanlon has a great shot to play for them this year, maybe not as a full starter, but he will get lots of time.

First it was Maslowski and now it is Scanlon. The guy will get some spare time here and there but nothing substantial. So much talk is going on with no pads on you have to love it.

KCChiefs.com has a Q&A with Vermeil here, all he does is keep complimenting scanlon. There's a scanlon Q&A too but it's really "nothing"


Q: How much of an impact can Scanlon have? Is he the kind of guy who could contribute more this, maybe as a backup and maybe even get a slot for a starting role?

VERMEIL: “Well, that’s what he’s here for. There’s going to be more competition at most of the positions than at any time that I’ve been here. A lot of guys handle competition extremely well and some guys don’t. But we know that he handled competition over in Europe very, very well.”

Q: Rich Scanlon was back here today. Talk about how he may have progressed over in Europe?

VERMEIL: “Whenever you win player of the year as a defensive football player you’ve done a good job. I’m not surprised he did a good job. He needed to go play and that’s exactly what he did. He actually may have played beyond our expectations. To go over there and be the MVP on defense is a real honor. It’s great for him and for Scott Connot, who was also all-pro team. John Booth finished the championship with a great big game at wide receiver. So we sent the right guys over there and they did a real good job.”


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