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Dez said:
Woodyard had a career year in tackles last year and with Williamson gone sky is the limit on tackles this year.
This was from last year. I didn't expect Woodyard to play better than he ever had but I don't imagine anyone did. I think he makes JRob's job a little difficult. Can you plan on a 30? year old LB having another career year with no decline? Will he go back to the way he was? I think they just keep him pencilled in as a starter, hope he is still playing great, and let it shake out as the season goes on.

The Titans seemed destined to have Spanos replace Lebeau as DC so the LB coach had unusual "pull" in the prior regime. Now they have a former LB as a coach and he's sure to have a lot of say in the position. Backup LB is always full of teachers pets so we shall see how this shakes out too.

Jayon Brown was just as advertised. Fast fast LB that can even cover the top TEs. Excellent running the ball carrier down. Not very good at being the tough guy in the middle. If a team runs it up the gut right at him, I'm not so confident. It's not inconceivable that Vrabel thinks this is the most important part of his job and plays Brown less or moves him to OLB. He played all four LB spots in 2017.

Aaron Wallace was also a Spanos "pet" from UCLA and he had a "no way" type injury last year. A little back tweak got worse n worse n worse and suddenly he's on IR. In preseason, he played all four LB spots. Most importantly was the roamer role they created for him. He was an extra backer and lined up just about anywhere. He looked over at the sideline week one and he'd get a nod that he was in the right spot. From there, he just played. He showed some outstanding intelligence in reading plays.

Josh Carraway I enjoyed watching in college and he transitioned to OLB pretty well- he looked stiff and you could tell he was thinking too much, but he did everything perfect in a "good student" type manner. During preseason games, the announcers would point out how many times he stayed home or in his lane and he caught their eye too. (He is everything Dodd isn't) When the play was to him, of course he was good. He's a former DE exploding to the ball and a former high school LB that knows how to wrap up too. 8? 10? plays he got to play some DE and he got after the QB just like in college. Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo are special. I used the word good to describe Carraway many times here. OLB is more of a star position in a 3-4. Good doesn't quite cut it. Year two, though, assuming some comfort level has been reached- I'm very curious of him. This is the way a late pick should develop too- rookie year where he clearly learns and listens well, comfort and hopefully can just play in year two. 

The Titans added a tough LB that is a step slow from the Redskins. He's a fine backup to add but you can't have a starter be a step slow.

Nate Palmer was a starter in GB. He was just a ST guy in TEN because Williamson and the UCLA guys were better than expected. In 2017, he showed up like a commercial for some weight loss routine or powerbar muscle milk stuff. Holy cow was he in way better shape than ever and the LB with a belly had six pack instead. He was fantastic, borderline awesome, against the third strings during the summer. He didn't really get much chance to move up. They wanted to see the rookies. I don't think it was fair to him or the right move but with Woodyard and Williamson starting, Palmer really didn't have a chance to play many minutes so I also understand the decision. 

Dodd is awful as a LB and will play DE under Vrabel. I'm so glad that's over with. Not only was it tough to watch but I think Carraway should have been the last LB active. He'd play maybe 2-3 plays a game and get his feet wet...but nope, that was a role for Dodd. When they added Walden, Carraway was just stuck.

I don't think the Titans can add a LB in the later rounds and have him make the team. They are loaded with good backups and the ability to play all four or LB and DE is nothing to sneeze at in a backup. This is back to my point about players being "good" versus special.

The Titans are widely rumored to draft Ogbo or Lander Esch.

I love Ogbo and got to watch him plenty. His first few years in college, he was like the tasmanian devil...really that is so fitting. They snap the ball and here is this wow fast beast running after someone. He never seemed to use his head. Teams could attack him or run a reverse or even play action and he was fooled. Last year, he used his head. He looked like a more complete OLB/DE. He still needs to be coached and work on the mental part. How do you play him in the NFL? He's a liability tackling if he's not using his head but my goodness can he get after the QB. Best motor, best speed, probably in this draft but geesh the mental side is a concern.

Lander Esch is a perfect ILB candidate. Wraps up, tough, can cover, got good vision when he charges straight ahead. He's gonna start for some team day one and play ten years. I would probably draft him way earlier than 25-32 where mocks have him. A solid starter for years n years is nothing to sneeze at.

Either of these two will take their place in TEN and be good to go. If the Titans draft a LB in round four or later, I don't think they make it and if they do then they're cutting some good young talent. There are other needs and I really hope the mocks are wrong and they don't do this.


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