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Rookie Pick 1.1 (1 Viewer)

Have pick 1.1 in our rookie draft. 12 team non-ppr. Dynasty league! SUPERFLEX, 3 RB 3WR 1TE Unique scoring...6 additional bonus points for TD receptions by RB and also for rushing TD by QB. Also 1 pt per 20 combined yards.

QBs: Mahomes, Rodgers, Lamar Jackson

RBs: Zeke, Mixon, Conner, Michel, Royce Freeman

If draft were today who would you take? Kyler Murray or Josh Jacobs?

Am I crazy for leaning Murray?



I would look to trade that pick as there isn't anyone that I must have and you can get a nice return and the draft approaches.  Barring that I would probably go with Murray (since it's SF) and look to trade Rodgers to sure up your weaknesses. 




With that said, if you could get a good return on the pick, I would lean towards trading it if you could.



Unless it's a small roster, I wouldn't hesitate pulling the trigger on Murray.  The QB bonus tips it for me.  


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