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I'd do a seach but I can't for less than four letters (unknown reason). This forum would be a lot better with live bookmarks....


Been requested several times in the past...I believe the concern is the scalability of the system under that kind of load...

Can someone please explain what an RSS feed is anyways? I seem them alot on websites and feel bad cuz I'm not included.....

Can someone please explain what an RSS feed is anyways?
Usually it's a snip of an article with a link not so unlike how most FF sites do news.You use an RSS reader and download snips from whatever newspapers/sites you want.The reader merges them altogether and gives ya your own newspage.Readers are in tons and tons of programs including some messenger programs and email clients. Firefox browser has a reader built in. Google has a desktop application with it built in etc..Daypop.com is the best search engine(IMO) for such RSS feedsGoogle and Yahoo will let you query their search box and use that as an RSS feed. The reason it's not more popular on FF sites(IMO) is because you can not redistribute them as your own. IE You can't take KC Star's feed and KCChiefs.com's feed and re-distribute them as your Chiefs feed. I did this at my site and received about 10 letters in the mail (more or less)telling me I'd better stop or I'll get sued. I just figured I was saving folks time downloading 1 instead of a few feeds. I still left all logos and trademakrs alone.RSS is fast. News is there "like that". That is awesome and too powerful for some sites. It uses a bunch of bandwidth and in reality the people aren't visitting your site but downloading the feed. Also, some sites manually update their feed and forget to so they quickly look "behind" or "out of date".Some very similar feeds are XML, RSS 1.0 or 2.0, and Atom. If you find an "atom" feed you likely can use that just like an RSS one. Non-programmer types need not worry about the different formats of feeds.If you want an example(I haven't been updating my site and have been busy with personal stuff, no worries FBG staff I think 2nd article is Merry Xmas :bag: ) you can look at footbalhangout.com/backend.php. To the layman it's all jibberish, to a newsreader it's a list of stories and links.

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