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Ryan Tanneyhill Under-Performance (1 Viewer)


Why is everyone so enthralled with Ryan Tanneyhill.  Derrick Henry is there and his workload over the past couple of years is off the charts.  This is very much a run first team despite the addition of Julio Jones (who at this point in their respective careers, I am not sure is an upgrade from Corey Davis).  Week after week (at least to this point in the season) he is ranked near the top 10 QBs and week after week he seems to be outscored by the likes of Joe Burrow and Matt Ryan.  Even now, FBG has Tanneyhill ranked higher than the two aforementioned quarterbacks despite the fact they are outscoring him by 2-3 ppg.  Currently he is showing as their #17 Rated Quarterback yet he is the #22 highest scoring Quarterback in my league despite a relatively easy schedule.  With a good effort tonight Carson Wentz will pass Tanneyhill.   So... why should I continue to start him week after week ( like rankings and lineup dominators suggest) to get  just 14 points?



I don't know the weekly rankings situation TBH, but when/if his 2 WRs return and are healthy, Tannenhill will produce better, I think last week was anticipating Brown to be better but it didn't pan out. Might be a case where you sit him ad wait to see it work before starting him and getting underwhelming performance. If it doesn't happen week 6 though, I think he may be droppable. People get things wrong season to season, but I can see the injuries factoring in more so than Ryan's talent.



Tannehill is more a streamer than a locked-in starter.  I would avoid Tannehill in games where the opponent is weak against the run or won't score a lot of points against TEN D (and TEN D is not that good).  JAX game was a prime situation for Tannehill to be mediocre.

It also doesn't help when Julio and AJ Brown have missed time.


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