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Saints vs. Colts, Week 15 - Monday Night Football (1 Viewer)

Hey Indy way to use your timeouts to give NO more time (I know NO has timeouts but why ?)  Your not getting the ball back your team blows on D you can't stop crap.

That call wiping away a TD was BS. Raise your hand if you have ever seen NE and Brady have a call like that take away a TD?  If there was interference it was on the defender.

Just looked it up - TB got a 2nd round pick for Booger. They used the pick to select Arron Sears, LG, Tennesse.

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The Dolphins passed on Drew Brees twice. During the draft and in selecting Culpepper over him during Saban's tenure. He wouldn't have been the same in Miami.

Ok time for Brees to rest you wouldn't want him to get hurt in a blowout.  He has the record.  Time for Bridgewater and Murray to finish this game off.


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