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Scaife: Why so low this week (and in the top 200)? (1 Viewer)


I've been surprised for a couple of weeks at where Scaife ranks for TEs in the top 200, but I'm even more confused by his ranking for this week. What am I missing here?

He has an above average match-up for TEs and he's been the getting the most targets on his team. I was starting him over guys like Boss and Olsen only to see they're both ranked higher in both Dodd's and the 2nd opinion projections. Is the rationale that the Titans won't need to throw the ball? It can't just be a reaction to a couple of bad weeks b/c Olsen, for instance, has been pretty brutal for a longer stretch.

Not wanting to make this a WDIS, just more looking for input on Scaife b/c I have a must-win this week.


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