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Scoring/Lineup issue in my league (1 Viewer)



I have emailed info@myffpc.com and support@myffpc.com about this issue, but have not heard back yet. On Sunday, I had James Jones in my lineup all day and went to bed that night with 150+ points. Monday, I woke up with 130~ points and Alshon Jeffery in my lineup instead of Jones. It appears the system reverted my lineup back to one that I had filled out earlier in the week and had changed after (well before the games Sunday). Today it still shows the wrong, old lineup with Jeffery. It did not affect the win/loss result of my matchup, but does affect my total points. This is not the first scoring/lineup issue that my league has had thus far, as week 1 a lot of rosters were blank for most of the day on Sunday. I am also not sure if anyone else in the league had this same problem this week. Please fix this or let me know who/how to contact the right person. Thank you.

Team - Clown Baby

League - FootballGuys Players Championship (Sep 4 10:00 PM) E

Go to reports - line-up changes and see when it happened. Should keep a record and time stamp of every line-up change.

Maybe you can pinpoint what happened based on that information.

You sure you weren't clicking the actual vs best link?

If you did it would show your best scoring line-up based on your roster.

I didnt noticed any irregularities in my line up or scoring last week. Maybe you didnt actually submit Jones. We're coming for you Clown Baby!



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