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Settings for IDP's in DD ? (1 Viewer)


One of my leagues uses a flex for IDP's.We can start TWO of any combination of DB/LB/DL. A total of 5 roster spots are allocated for these TWO starters.How would you set your DD if you were in this position?(I currently have it set DB Starters 1 Roster Spots 1 LB Starters 1 Roster Spots 2 DL Starters 1 Roster Spots 2.) :help:

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depends on scoring system.Based on an avg system I'd set it as follows:DL 0 Starters, 0 BenchLB 2 Starters, 5 BenchDB 0 Starters, 0 BenchThen see the difference if you change one starter to DBDL 0 Starters, 0 BenchLB 1 Starters, 3 BenchDB 1 Starters, 2 BenchI'd recommend 3-5 LB's, 0-2 Safeties, unless sacks or interceptions are really much higher valued than tackles.Hope this helps.


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