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Several Jets getting released (1 Viewer)

This is the best thing that the JEts can do - they finally have a mgt team that will sack it up and do what needs to be done. Cut them all! They can win 4 games without overpaid bums. I'm willing to sacrafice 2006 for the greater good.

Get out from the mess and lay the foundation - the JEts are finally going in the right direction....even if it will be ugly for a while.
Im not a Jets fan but it seems like this is the best option. It shouldnt take them long to win again IF they draft smart.
Pennington having been paid 22 million dollars the last two years was an insult, not this contract offer. He has been paid something like 1.3 mil for each game he has played in for the past two years.

The offer was for 1 mil garranteed, with another 8 MILLION in incentive clauses. I would love to be so insulted. Does anyone think another team would give him a mil garranteed? NOPE!!!!!!! He's an idiot not to sign. It just tells me he has no confidence he can play and reach any incentives in 2006. He will NOT get any offers anywhere CLOSE to this elsewhere.

I HATE this crap about Jets fans not being patient through a rebuild. The press won't be, but the fans understand. I expect to draft a rookie QB, who will ride pine this year, and look to 2008 as a possible 8-8 season. Cleaning up the Hermie the Wermie and Bradway poop pile will take some time.

Ring Ring

Mr. Law you have a call from Jerry Jones on the courtesy phone.......
He's only interested in Super Bowl contenders.
"I'm Sorry Mr. Law, Mr. Pioli is not interested in your high price tag at this time....maybe you should have taken the 6 million offer before". :yes:
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