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Shaun Alexander working out in DC today. (1 Viewer)



Posted at 8:14 AM ET, 10/14/2008

Ruminations on Alexander

The more I think about the potential marriage of Shaun Alexander and the Washington Redskins, the more I see this happening. It fits the Skins' MO perfectly - big-name player, a little over the hill - and he knows people on the staff well.

They can get him for the veteran minimum, he's desperate to get back in the league, and unless Alexander shows up way out of shape or just looks awful, I see the Skins signing him as cover with Ladell Betts out a few weeks (two weeks looks like a best-case scenario for Betts, according to sources, and at worst he's probably back after the bye). If they decide that carrying so many backs - Alexander would be the fourth tailback on the squad - is too much, then you release Alexander during the bye week; if he shows he can be part of a two-headed monster with Clinton Portis, then so be it, and you make decisions about the roster down the road.

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Posted at 8:00 PM ET, 10/13/2008

Shaun Alexander Coming To Town

Shaun Alexander, the former NFL rushing champ and MVP, is heading to Washington for a workout on Tuesday, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Alexander has strong ties to coach Jim Zorn and RB Coach Stump Mitchell from their time together in Seattle. He has been passed on by most of the league following some injuries and unproductive seasons, but with Ladell Betts out at least a few weeks with a knee sprain, the Skins are going to give him a look.

If he's in good shape, he could very well be signed (I could see a Rob Jackson/Justin Tryon type headed to the practice squad to make room for an extra RB, or maybe they let a depth safety like Justin Hamilton go). When Betts comes back the Skins could let him go; if Alexander is productive, then maybe they find a way to keep him around.

That's down the line of course. But with Clinton Portis being used like sledgehammer and Zorn favoring a two-headed attack at RB, and with Rock Cartwright having so few carries in his NFL career, the Skins have opted to give this a shot.

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