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Should Favre Retire (1 Viewer)

Do you think Brett Favre Should Retire?

  • Yes, quit well he still is good

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  • No, he still has some stuff left in him

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  • Don't care, he is overrated anyway

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No, I want him to come back and have another bad year. Fitting for the years of abuse he gave the division.

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I don't care what he does, but his annual act of "considering retirement" during each offseason is getting old. He seems to like attention so much that I suspect that he is more likely to announce that he will play one more year so that he could get fanfare following each four interception game.

He needs to come back and end his career while helping the packer's rebuild around his replacement Rogers. To do so, he has to come back willing to mentor, play less when the team is way ahead or behind, and work to know a new offensive system under a new coach. So should come back? Yes. Will he? I doubt it.

He already waited a year too long to do it right, so he should stick around until the Packers get to the playoffs again before retiring. That shouldn't be more than 2 or 3 more seasons in the weak and unpredictable north.


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