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Should I go QB/TE early? (I NEVER do) (1 Viewer)


10 man PPR Keeper league (I kept Kamara in the 18th).  Start QB, RB, WR, FLX, FLX, TE, DEF, K

I am usually not a fan of taking QBs or TEs early at all, however with my draft position (5th) there is a slight chance I can take my RB2 (Gurley/Elliott/Hunt/Barkley/Cook) with my first pick, Rodgers with my second pick, and Kelce/Ertz with my third pick.  I would then spend the next 3-4 picks on WRs, increasing volume, hoping that one hits.  That would give me a partial line-up of:





Hopefully my WRs would be some type of mix like HILL, SCHUSTER, COOKS, ROBINSON, GOODWIN, FUNCHESS, and FULLER.

IF this opportunity presents itself, should I jump on it, or should I stick with my normal routine of waiting on QBs and TEs??

Hard to say not knowing whom all the keepers are but probably way to early on Rodgers and Ertz. Kelce in the 3rd is ok. Rodgers even in the 4th is still a reach (again not knowing who is in the pool but since it is a 10 team league I would think there are good QB's available later) and Ertz in the 5th. You are better off with a WR with that second round pick.

Thanks.  Yeah. I normally take my QB and TE in rounds 7-10 because people always jump on the top ones early, and I don't see a big difference in the next few.  I just keep loading up on RB and WR and counting how many are going.  When it gets down to 2-3 left that I'd want, then I take one.  The potential to have the #1 QB and possibly the #1 TE paired with two top RBs was just intriguing.


A. There is no guarantee Rodgers will be #1, he lost his long time favorite target after all and you will much better off if you can get a solid WR1 instead.In my main league there is a guy who perpetually drafts a QB in the first and Gronk or Kelce in the second and I don't believe his team has ever made the playoffs.

Yeah I know you're right, just making sure I wasn't making a mistake over all these years!  I just finished looking at my data and it's not even close, regardless who I put at QB1.  Based on the data I've decided to use and know the guys in my league, I think I can wait until round 7 to pull the trigger on my QB1 and still got a top 5 QB (providing the projections come true of course).  Regardless, I can still get a QB in the same tier.  Thanks for keeping me from doing something stupid!!

Just don't force a position.  Take the BPA when it comes to you.  If you don't like other choices at #2 then go ahead and take a QB.  I personally wouldn't be doing that because there is just too much good QB talent depth that I would rather wait.  Bottom line is just don't force any position.  Take BPA.


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